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  1. Victum says:

    I filed my Disability claim back in 2010. I’m one of Carlettis victums. I have a disease that is terminal and clearly keeps me from working any type of employment. I waited patiently for the many reviews and all of Social Secuitys repetative motions in cluding out right denial of my condition and blatent disregard for my well being. Becuae of Social Secuirtys Illegal and unwarented actions I found myslef face to face with this hateful individualCarletti. He informed both myself and my fiend/Med Doctor/USNavy that he was missing my records for one year and had to postpone my hearing. It took almost 9 months to get another hearing scheduled. I was informed by this kcaj a.s to hirre an attorny and he even suggested one in Oceanside. He told me that he would deney my case if I didn’t have a lawyer. I took his advice and hired his Attorny in oceanside. I later found that this attorney was to complacent and didn’t do anything if very little for my case. I relize the attorny is just number crunching and doen’t fight every case to win. Im living in my car for the past two years and I can say that When Carletti heard my case he seemed to enjoy the fact that I have live in the outdoors for the past two years. I have had no running water and have had to use doggy bags to deficate and urinate in water bottles. I have suffered irreputably at the hands of these religous right wing nuts and there hate for the community.

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