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  1. CAMERON LYONS says:

    I am writing a paper for school on how different states hold court. My state is Nebraska. I would like to ask you to give a fuller version or account of your knowledge to me. I would like to ask you two questions.

    1. Can a person who is mentally ill, with numerous mental problems and on psych medication and blind represent them self in court without a lawyer.

    2. Is there a hearing to determine if a person is capable to represent themselves?

    In California, we have a hearing to determine if a person can read, write, understand, and have some sort of knowledge to proceed. I do not know if Nebraska has the same standards. Please share your knowledge with me. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Many people use the system to gain something they should not get. Others are accused of doing that even if they are not. For many people this is their only choice. Just because you can’t see mental disorders doesn’t mean they are not there and it doesn’t mean they can perform job duties as assigned if they are having a panic attack or side effects from all of the medication they take for their mental disorders. Unless you have experienced this or lived with it one can never be sure just how hard it can be on the entire family. I have and it is horrible and especially when you have someone of authority who can help you but treats you as if you are insignificant and just someone trying to work the system, it’s not like a court of law where you are innocent until proven guilty it is you are guilty of trying to get something you need and can not live without but are being treated as if you are working the system. Please be open to people with mental disorders on many medications for it…. getting in a car to go to work and having no clue what to do when they get there….this has happened to our family & happens when you are on psych meds all the time. I am not even going into the physical it effects they have on you. Shame on the ones who work the system for their own pathetic reasons but don’ make others pay for what they have done in the past. Many of the ones who really do need it are depending on your expertise to see the difference.

  3. Anthony McC ormick says:

    Jan E Dutton
    My name is Anthony McCormick and u have rejected me on my social security two times already,why I dont know..I really dont know what to say to convince you to give me social security so i can go on living and not live in depression,anxiety and pain.No the social security wont take my pain away but it will releive me of my depression and anxiety.It will help to make outstanding medical bill payments and house payments,put food on the table and clothing on our back.I am an american citizen born in this country and worked all my life untill i got ill..People like me look for ways to make money to get by and live,we will go through all extremes to get it when we are denied from the help we need.People like you put people in the situations of doing illegal or criminal actions to try to get benefits cause we cant work and the vibe i get from you not giving me social security is you dont care..For all the time I have worked in my life I think I deserve something…So please consider helping me …Please

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