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  1. Richard Lemke says:

    I was approved by telephone, Judge Leventer phoned my attorney and told him for me not to come to court that she approved my case, well this was back in January 27, 2017, and I still have not received an award letter, back pay, or payments. We have written her twice that we are in dire need and we are losing our home. No one seems to care! I have called Social Security office numerous times and they have no clue!

  2. james says:

    Honarable Judge Leventer, changed my life sooo much for the better, which I want to point out she is an amazing person , She is an amazing Social Security judge. The best in my eyes, Godbless this woman for helping me and granting me my benefits which changed my life for the way better. Thank you sooo much Honarable Judge Leventer.

  3. mrman says:

    This judge set my mind at ease as soon as she spoke. She is very polite and seems to listen, it’s like your talking to someone who cares.

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