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  1. Edmund lee Wade jr says:

    I fill she was nice but no compassion at all i have been fighting fires for years and hurt my back doing this and alot of other jobs and never looked at evidence i can risk my life for others including them and no help federal hand crews state CCCs and county firefighter EMT and others jobs no compassion at all.

  2. Leslie jack says:

    I feel she was professional, covered everything and was understanding and fair. I should get final decision in the mail soon. Glad this is over with since it has been a very stressful ordeal having the worst attorney firm ever!!! Thank you judge Maccione.

  3. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    Eventhough my packet of paperwork stating my decision includes says “carefully reviewed the facts” by reading these facts she has on her decision it really seems like she did NOT review it carefully and she makes too many points on what isnt relevant to my disability condition at all. She SEEMS like shes truly concerned, up front in person, also says she understands how tough it is to go through my disability, in my case, Epilepsy, and seems like she threw together all this information and made her main points and final decision as if I applied for being mentally handicapped.

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