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  1. Unhappy says:

    Janet Autherine isn’t anything new, just like every other judge, they are programmed to not listen to you and just get paid to denied you. Tired of this happening.

  2. Jessica says:

    The person I take care of hasn’t worked in over 5 years. Has a hand full of doctors with the state that ruled her disabled. Even the disability doctors said she was disabled, but she still received an denied decision. Government is corrupt apparently. Just keep trying I guess. Lawyer is confused as well she said. She’s looking into it, but I believe it will just be an endless game. At least she gets EBT because they keep denying her. Unfortunately though her health is really bad. Such a difficult path in life when you worry so much about someone when their health is deteriorating so rapidly and they cannot get help. I honestly don’t have enough money to help with all she needs.

  3. Jasmene says:

    I went to my hearing so scared and nervous because i have bad anxiety but when i went in there she listen to me and didnt judge me just listen

  4. Chris Allison says:

    I thought she was a great judge very understanding she didn’t listen and really care.

  5. John says:

    Judge was very impersonal very little to no eye contact just stared at her computer the whole time. I was prepared and my case was strong but obviously she already had her mind made up to deny my case from the beginning. I did notice her approval rate dropped substantially in the last 6 months. I will also say there were many inconsistencies and false assumptions in the final decision. I had plenty of objective evidence that was totally ignored. This whole process is just a wait you out game where the hopes are you will either just die or finally give up. It been almost 3 years of long hard road but I won’t give up as I have no other options.

  6. Richard pridgen says:

    I have not met my judge yet. But I believe it is going to be judge Janet Mahon. I just read her Bio and I am just happy she is a God fearing woman. I depend on God for the outcomes in my life and she is a godly woman which means her heart is good. I was evicted recentley and she granted me an expedite. Thank you Judge Janet Mahon May God bless you.

  7. John Shepherd says:

    Very nice Judge, granted further testing and very sensible. Either way I’m glad I got her.

  8. Rico C. Jones says:

    Thank you Judge Mahon:
    I appreciate you for being understanding when i was in front of you on June 5,2013. I also would like to thank you for not denying my case right then and ordered me to see one of your doctors which i have on July13,2013. I am just waiting on the decision that you have reached. Thank you again very much.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Rico C. Jones

  9. Anonymous says:

    If she feels sorry for your claimant, she’ll approve. She’s very nice- VERY soft-spoken, hard to hear. She does a lot of eye-rolling, but don’t take it personally- I think it’s a tic?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Very nice judge. Very personable and soft spoken.

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