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  1. Patricia Flores says:

    It’s been a long 3 years waiting on a decision from Judge Holmes. I put all my trust in her hands. Suffering from so much health conditions and concerns scares me. I have faith in her decision. All though I had a virtual hearing, she did not break me, when I felt my lowest. No one will ever understand how much pain and suffering I go through on a daily basis. Praying for a blessed decision soon.

  2. Kristi D says:

    Mrs. Holmes is a very kind and compassionate judge. I recently went in for my hearing and she is a very good listener and ask questions that pertain to your disability and how it effects you. She does not try an minimize your limitations what so ever. She is very awesome and sweet and not a scary person at all. I have a social problem and she did not come across scary at all where it put me in one of my panic modes. If you have an attorney representing you I wouldn’t even waste the expense on them cause she will do all the questioning to the ve is their is one present and she believes your testimony is truthful… I highly recommend her and don’t even know what the outcome of my decision is but it is what it is. She does her job very well and I appreciate her in all aspects….

    Kristi D.

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