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  1. Deborah Rudi says:

    Had my hearing 05/2017 in front of ALJ Bruning – Fully Favorable

    Thank you Judge Bruning!!!

    Such a difference from my 1st filing in 1999-2001 – DENIED

    ALJ Bruning was very fair. It is sad that the prior ALJ (not ALJ Bruning), in which I had an ex-disability Judge representing me who said I knew more about my conditions than he did, not rule Fully Favorable!

  2. KEVIN A PARKER says:

    So i had my hearing on 6/13 and wanted to take time to say Thank you to Judge JANICE M BRUNING for being receptive to my medical conditions and allowing me to participate in my hearing via telephone..despite some of the negative reviews I’ve read ..I feel very different about her..I felt she was very engaging,very nice and she listened to my concerns and conditions..she didn’t make me feel nervous talking to her …not sure how backlogged her office is and how long it’ll take to get her decision but i’m very optimistic and grateful she took time to hear my case..

  3. Tyrell Mitchell says:

  4. Andi says:

    I had a video hearing because Milwaukee County is so backlogged. I was nervous and intimidated by Judge Bruning. She was not kind, but not unkind either. She asked me rapid fire questions and I got flustered. I kept apologizing to my attorney because I knew I wasn’t making sense. Then I waited, and waited. I was told by my attorney that Judge Bruning made her decision regarding my case at the end of July, although he couldn’t find out what the decision was. It is now the middle of October! Does this judge not realize that her decision affects people’s lives? Their futures? It is not fun being sick/disabled in the USA.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I appeared before Judge Bruning for the first time. She was very polite and treated the claimant with the utmost respect. She is well prepared for the hearing and will asked detailed questions to the claimant and representative. We aren’t sure of the outcome yet, but the overall feeling of the hearing was positive.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is a terrible judge. Please don’t get her. She has the WORST rating among judges for approval. She doesn’t seem to understand. I took a bad fall in Dec. of 2010 and torn up my left knee. I cannot stand for any length of time, I can only sit for about 15 mins before both legs go completely numb, then I cannot stand without nearly falling. I can’t even get into a tub to bathe. She has no REAL idea as to how I function on a daily basis.

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