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  1. Josh says:

    Okay I just had my hearing Tuesday. I find him fair and rather upfront. I like it. Listen folks I don’t know if I will have a favorable discission or not. All I can do is hope. I go through jobs like water and some folks disrespect me
    Not good right. well I think we have to learn to respect their discission reguardless. I
    It’s their job. And if they feel it isn’t right they rule against ya. My attorney is awesome and really help me relax with the stress end of it. I just hope Judge Tranguch sees that I am in desperately in need of this. Yeah I could work and make more money than SSDI. But things literally just do not work out. I’m scared I won’t have a favorable response but I’m really messed up in the head and I will not stop fighting for it. I think he seen that I did try to work but over 20 jobs in 15 years well…. I’m not intitled to SSDI period. But I worked my butt off since a kid. Broke my back doing so…riuned my way of life because of bipolar…PTSD .I Love working but I hate people and back pain And stomach issues ..lucky to have a 1 week to one year job. I will let him decide as we all must do. It isn’t up to us. So don’t talk bad about any judge. It’s kinda their job to make sure there is no jobs you can do. If you can they will tell ya. I’m afraid to work personally. Not my environment. But seriously…it’s all about respect folks.

  2. Josh says:

    Well I had my hearing Judge Jarrod tranguch this Tues. He was what I would call a genuine human being. He does take the time to go over your case
    I personally found him easy to talk to even though I was nervous as heck. I struggled for a year plus. Lost almost everything. And you know what . He is going to give me his honest discission. I may not like it or I might.
    I got at least a month to wait. I hope he sees that I am truly in need on the benefits I need the meds and without them….I’m me.. to many jobs, and I just can’t seem to work with people.
    If I have too…. I’ll start all over again. Better than catching a charge or scaring some people at work from my extremely aggravating aggressive outbursts. Yeah we may not like the answer but it is the answer. And it comes down to respect. Just respect it. I will even if I’m denied. Doesn’t mean stop fighting for it. All in all a pretty fair man . And he asks good questions but I ramble..it might have screwed me …pointer don’t ramble..

  3. split says:

    Im scheduled to see him in a few months. I am not here to say anything bad. It is their job to “see through the bull. I am like most of you. I am in bad shape. I can only hope that this judge sees that I am in dire need. I can’t hold a job without ruining it in some way. Too many sick days,Some get escorted by police to get to their car. Things like that.
    Anyway He might not have the highest cases passed, however not everyone is as bad as they think they are. I will let him decide how bad he thinks I am. Not much you can do really. And appeal it if you don’t accept it, but leaving stupid comments is not going to help either. What if you go back in front of this judge is the process starts over? I will start over if needed because I need this as I cannot hold employment or be out in public …believe me. There are other appeal processes and file again and go through it all over again. You want to prove to them right. Don’t give up. I am on meds and thank god!! finally…. without them I am a monster hiding in Mr. Jekyll
    I personally cannot sit for two hours I will need to stand and bend and go to the bathroom. But make sure your attorney is straight with you and not filling your head with fake hopes. I have suffered and been on disability since I got out of the army in 2000. I got off because ex wife was going to divorce me if she didn’t have more money and my son was lost after the end result anyway That tore me up and still is.. I was young and to full of pride so I got off. I tried and had almost 30 jobs since. It was the worst thing ever. I should have stayed on it.
    Two cases a day to pass aint bad though being you only have a few per day with the ALJ. And to the gentlemen that went to apply and bent over and carried 40 lbs. Look at it this way, so you can carry some weight. I might not be 40 pounds strong but maybe a job that lets you only pick up 10 lbs or look for a job that back pain is minimal. I have back surgeries , but backs can take you right out of life believe me. I refused all pain meds. My wife was addicted and I will suffer to ensure she don’t come around them. Mental issues well I am screwed up with them. I can only hope he sees I am genuine and 100 percent sincere about my problems. My attorney is awesome but that aint no for sure deal either. Just piece of mind, and the leg work is nuts and worth having ,so thank them even if you lose.
    I cannot leave a rating yet. But it will be honest. The fact he is a judge deserves 2 stars, serious its not the life you or I wanted or we would be the judge being ridiculed.

  4. I.R says:

    I’m not gonna leave any negative comment on here. But I would like to express that these disability judges need to be more educated when it comes to chronic illness to name a few rheumatoid arthritis, Wegner’s Granulomatosis with Polyangitis, fibromyalgia and so many others. I was denied and it hasn’t been easy for me but we have to understand they are just doing their job. I will be mailing some letters to some congress people and all I ask is for disability judges to be more educated about chronic illnesses. Thank You.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Very uncaring about about people was supposed to make a decsion for me because i am a cancer patient mautiple surgieries almost went homeless and went back on word of favorable decsion and scheduled me in mid nov amd i need this so i can continue my care and i cannot get medicines or travel for appts to philly bc of his lack of resposibility

  6. jerome teague says:

    I was initially denied and appealed and judge tranguch was who I was to appear before for my appeal hearing which by the way took 20 months from start of the disability process,the day before my hearing his assistant called me and told me the judge cancelled my hearing and I was granted disability based on the hundreds of pages of my medical history from 4 doctors I had seen, I had 2 neck surgeries and 1 back surgery all within 2 years of each other I have been working since I was 16 and I’m now 55 years old I returned to work after both neck surgery but the back surgery did not go well and now I’m in pain management this judge is very fair in my opinion thank you judge tranguch

  7. E.s says:

    I have been waiting over 3 years with appeals judge tranguch really didn’t hear how little I can actually do in daily life. I’m 6’4 410 lbs not by choice but because I can’t move between my back and my rebuilt hip at 8 years old which is so need of repair. I can barely move. Walking just 10 feet is terrible pain. I’m legally blind in my left eye which makes it hard to do most computer work. I’m typing this now thanks god the phone is spell checking what I’m typing. I can’t see the screen hardly at all. Them on top of that I have back issues. And many mental disorders like ocd deep depression anxiety bi polar disorder. So judge if you ever read this please help me I haven’t worked since 2010 not because I won’t but I cant

  8. T. Travis says:

    I was approved and the Judge also added SSI for me, I am so thankful and finally at ease. My condition will not improve and only continue to travel up and down my spine. SO at least I can pay some bills and try to make life better form me. Thank you Very Very much Your Honor, Judge Jarrod Tranguch.

  9. T.Travis says:

    I had my appeal hearing in Dec. 2015. I thought this experience was good with this judge , he gave me time to talk and explain my disability and was very nice to me. He is professional and clear in his questions. I so Hope I am approved, as you all know it takes some time for sure.

  10. Darin Ackernecht says:

    What is wrong with you is it because , you must have bin born with a silver spoon In your mouth ? Never did a hard days work in your life . I know there are some good judges out their but you must have gottin your degree from a crack jack box ! When you say I can Lift and carry a 40 lb. bag I would like to know where I am carrying this bag do I have it strapped to my back carrying it all day half a day and where is going ? 4 months for an unfavorable decision is just wrong when you already made your mind up . i especially like dr . Zhou. From palmerton hospital who asked me to bend over didn’t even take my coat off for the examation .it lasted 2min. 30 sec my wife who is a RN in the ICU kept the time . And to say I sat there comfortably for all most 2 hrs. at that hearing is just an outright lie . There must be surveillance in that court room chech it out! Dec.4 2013

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