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  1. Louisha says:

    He’s a JOKE

  2. Janet says:

    Mr. Jason Lewis is not the judge you want your case to be held in front of or deciding on whether or not you are disabled! He is not fit to be handling matters that involve the mentally challenged. He is very unprofessional in this regard as he busted out laughing at me in court, meaning he takes me, this process, and his job as A JOKE!! He has hurt me horrendously, and I have been having so much sadness and nightmares for the past few nights since he treated me so disrespectfully, just like everyone else in my life has.
    I definitely expected better from a man who has a wife and four children!! I wonder how he would feel if someone spoke to his wife or daughters the way he spoke to me. I feel he is absolutely Heartless!
    As another person stated above, PRAY that you do not have him assigned to oversee your case, but I, myself, will be Praying for him as well.
    * If you see this Judge Jason A. Lewis….
    Please don’t treat anybody else like this in the future as it could very probably be the final straw for that person, who IS a Human Being (with real feelings). God forbid YOUR actions is the last push they need, feeling made fun of, to take their own life. PLEASE be more kind and considerate of other’s feelings!

  3. Tekeisha says:

    He denied my claim. Lied in my paperwork about me not standing up in court, when clearly I stood 3 times and took me being suicidal as a joke. I pray for anyone that has him.

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