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  1. A concerned attorney says:

    A petty tyrant. He relishes exercising the minute power with which he is entrusted. He has never represented a disabled person and it shows. He enjoys the insignificant technicalities over the big picture and squanders his responsibility. I feel for those who appear in front of him and wish you the best. Yet another example of a underqualified attorney out of their depth finding refuge on the bench in the SSA.

  2. Chris says:

    He was very nice and also joked a little to lighten the mood in the courtroom. He seemed to be on my side when dealing with the vocational. I hate the anticipation on an answer. I feel good about how it went but you never know.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I haven’t been told whether or not I’ve been approved yet but I will say that Judge Crowell was extremely fair in my hearing. I do feel that he asked meaningful questions to draw an accurate picture of what I go through. I also thought it was very fair that he allowed me to be seen by a psychologist after my hearing, instead of denying me because I didn’t have enough to doctors notes.

    He was also very kind when I had a panic attack. He allowed me to take a break, assured me to take as much time as needed, and even joked with my attorney to make me laugh.

    I feel that he did his job 100% correctly and did everything in his power to get all of the information needed to come to a decision. I accept whatever his decision is, that’s how well I believe he worked to get enough information.

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