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  1. RICHARD HESS says:

    dear judge bede i went in front of you on june 6th i did have ssi before and i do have a lot of problems on what people are doing to me please if you can let me explain what i know about my brain and what people have been doing to me my whole life i ask you to heip me with my problem and i have been monitored on almost everything i do i ask you please to assist me with some financial hep and let me keep on trying to move forward on becoming the best i can on becomming a good man i promise you that i will not let nobody make me do nothing bad i blame knowbody for anything i do today i am still not perfect but i aM CREATING A STRONG PERSON INSIDE MY HEART MY FEALINGS ARE GENIUNE. BETWEEN WHO I HAVE LEARNED ON THE PERSON I WAS BEFORE TO WHO I WANT TO BE TODAY YOUR HONOR I BEG YOU TO BELIEVE ME THAT MY LIFE HAS BEEN CONFUSED AND WHAT I THINK PEOPLE HAD FUN DAMMAGING MY SOUL AND STILL TO THIS DAY WITH OUT MY PRAYER AND READING THE BIBLE AND TRYING TO GET WISDOME AND STREGTH I AM TRYING TO WORK AT MCDONALDS I STARTED TODAY I WORKED FOR 6 HOURS AND I FEEL IS THO I COULD NOT THINK RIGHT AND VERY DIZZY I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO TELL YOU ON THIS BATTLE I AM SINCERE RICHARD HESS

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