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  1. voice of truth says:

    Well at least this guy wasn’t unpolite to me. I can’t say that he was rude to me. He seemed respectful to me – so that’s good.

    But …………………………………………………..

    This judge looked at my case for disability, and both my lawyer and I truly thought that my case was legitimate to begin with. And maybe this judge is just doing his job, but at the end of the day – this judge ruled my case “unfavorable”. He obviously thought different.
    This may be a little of a long memo. Forgive me – as I have a habit of writing lengthy memos (I guess I have a lot to say), but let me say on a quick note – I felt that the judge really really really sugarcoated my case. He seemed to say that my disabilities were not that bad or severe enough to qualify for benefits. Yet on the other hand- on his decision he did admit that my disabilities were definitely severe enough to negatively impact my working abilities.
    He even used information regarding my past work experiences from about 15 years ago ? Jeez – maybe something a little more recent would be more useful ? A LOT can change in the past 15 years for crying out loud.
    And I’ve always heard that alot of Social Security judges will use every trick in the book to avoid giving a claimant (and usually a deserving claimant) benefits. They say that the claimant does not have it that bad while they really do. This judge fits that description perfectly.
    Again I know judges are doing their job and going by “criteria and qualifications”, but seldom do these judges and other Social security workers realize that they are hurting a lot of people who need help; with Social Security’s iron fist, super-strict requirements. It seems to me that you have to be almost a corpse with no signs of life to qualify.
    And all the while – the social security Adm has no problem having you jump through 20 million hoops to get evaluated to “MAYBE” get benefits. I could vent about the incompetence and insanity of the whole Social security system but I won’t even go there.
    But what angers me the most more then anything else is the fact that all these Social Security judges and workers are quick to deny you, they use every trick in the book to deny you , while saying that you can work. And after all the dust settles and they hand you the “unfavorable” decision, you would think that since they say that you can work – that they would at least point you in the right direction to get a “specific” job. A job in which a more disabled person could do. But no – they can’t even do that – after they “deny” you; they shove you off with no help at all and leave you to more financial hardship, while they go back to their comfortable little offices without a care in the world. I wonder how they can sleep at night.
    Hey maybe Javier Arrastia isn’t a bad guy personally , but sorry – at the end of the day – to me – he’s just another typical Social security worker who does whatever they can to make their own job less stressful and if denying more people means more promotions for them – so be it.
    So my rating – I give Javier A. Arrastia a “unfavorable” 1 star out of 5 stars. Sorry, but I am not happy.

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