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  1. Randy James says:

    He issued a Denial before waiting in the CE he Ordered! It’s at the Apeals Council now on Violation of Due Process. Mine was over the phone and he had already pegged it for Denial. I used to Respect the system but no longer do. He was close to retirement and is living the good life. I wait at least a year and a half now. Such a rush to give you your five minutes and get you gone. The CE people they use are a Racket run by S and L Medical Group. Seung Lim out of Anaheim. That’s a Racket. When the Law loses your Respect where do you look for answers?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was definitely fooled by this Judge, I thought he listened but I was wrong, Do not go in without a lawyer (even if you’re sick, and don’t think you need one) I’m appealing his decision as I can’t believe with my medical history, the amount of hospitalizations, that he would deny me, a sick single mother, and take the maximum time frame to deny me.. Mad at myself because I really thought he cared.

  3. Breann says:

    I haven’t received a decision yet, and sorry if things are misplaced I have a hard time seeing. I feel that he listened to me. I couldn’t breathe during the hearing due to my asthma being so bad (2 hospitalizations and lung biopsies since my hearing) I feel that he does care and I’m hoping my medical records, letters from my specialist and my testimony will help me. I am young, but I’ve battled an autoimmune disease my entire life and I felt he heard me. Again, I haven’t gotten a decision yet, just speaking on my experience with him at the hearing.

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