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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was definitely fooled by this Judge, I thought he listened but I was wrong, Do not go in without a lawyer (even if you’re sick, and don’t think you need one) I’m appealing his decision as I can’t believe with my medical history, the amount of hospitalizations, that he would deny me, a sick single mother, and take the maximum time frame to deny me.. Mad at myself because I really thought he cared.

  2. Breann says:

    I haven’t received a decision yet, and sorry if things are misplaced I have a hard time seeing. I feel that he listened to me. I couldn’t breathe during the hearing due to my asthma being so bad (2 hospitalizations and lung biopsies since my hearing) I feel that he does care and I’m hoping my medical records, letters from my specialist and my testimony will help me. I am young, but I’ve battled an autoimmune disease my entire life and I felt he heard me. Again, I haven’t gotten a decision yet, just speaking on my experience with him at the hearing.

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