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  1. Patricia j Dejesus says:

    Denied my son i sat in on hearing reading paperwork its confusing basing denial on drug use- sir my sin has been in & out of mental institutions since childhood- MANY HOSPITAL STAYS MENTAL & physical PSTD- bipolar- ied- personality disorder@ at 23 diagnoised leukemia/ pancreatitis/ pancreatic divisin ( genitic) gastriparis_ food rots) stomach@ leaky heart valve
    But you determined he can do sedentary work- this process is horrid. I wish you would reconsider….. We all are trying here- mental health group 3xs a week. Clean/ sober no relapses longest ever.. He tried to help me in yard- his arms hands blew up enormous- hospital. Dr says he can use his arms ugh i am exhausted…….. Plz someone help- he is penniless- trying to live right. Keeping suicial ideation at bay. This denial didnt help. Im calling everyplace i can & will continue til hes deceased & then more
    Ss is a mess. Somethings not right here

  2. Anonymous says:

    Comes off as sarcastic, snarky. Conducts a quick hearing. You may get some questions in, but he’ll tell you to wrap it up! I think he is fair though. I won’t mind being in front of him again.

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