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  1. Carolyn says:

    I do not reside in Ohio. Yet this Judge oversaw my “telephonic” hearing during COVID after years of waiting for the one opportunity to be seen after continual denials due to my age and education. Social Security doctors stated I’m disabled, yet the matrix that is allegedly used states I should be able to do something. My attorney asked the vocational expert (that has a history of working with ss), can I work one 8-hr day. He answers and says, no. I then recieve a speedy denial and told to reapply with a better diagnosis. She refused to believe anything that was pertinent and weighed heavily on what she “beleived”. My hearing was conviently scheduled for the month after my work credits ran out after being disabled from 2016.

    We as working citizens are mandated to put in this system, a system that avoids science and chooses when to discriminate with our federal funds when we apply for our “insurance policy”.

    Vote. Vote these Judges out. They are abusing their power and benefiting. I had an associate who asked me to vote to retain her husband, yet it seems these public servants hands are always tied when it comes to the people and their opinions are truth.

    Vote “no” on retaining Judges. I have not yet one worth retaining as of yet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please be the hero in my story

  3. Pissed off says:

    To everyone who rights a positive comment. wait wait wait until you get your OFFICIAL letter from these wonderful people who work for our wonderful government. sometimes they will tell you you have won then dennie you in the end. i have all kinds of documented mental problems and have been waiting for over 8 damn years with nothing but denials. they wont you to kill yourself so there is enough money so they keep there job.i have never seen anything more corrupt than this ss system. if you get approved consider yourself blessed with a miracle because it is nothing short of. i refused to take my life knowing that it would make s.s. happy,

  4. Zachariah Detty says:

    Dear, JUDGE JEANNINE LESPERANCE, I had a hearing with you on 8/17/18, which was denied. I do not understand why you feel I could work. I have Lupus (SLE), subcutaneous Lupus, SS-A antibody positive,Fibromyalgia, connective tissue disease, heart problems, depressive disorder, anxiety, inflammation in nearly every joint, extreme fatigue, nose & mouth sores, carpel tunnel, my hands ache non stop, my back is bulging/ herniated disc in several locations (C4 thru S1), bone spurs in back, legs, and feet, I have an aortic root aneurysm, social anxiety, GAD, severe mood swings, can’t concentrate, poor memory, and hardly ever get a good nights rest. I have a hard time sitting or standing, I’m in severe pain daily as I have chronic pain syndrome and recently had genetic testing done at the Cleveland Clinic, I’m waiting on those results. This isn’t a complete list of all my medical issues. I have upcoming procedures on both legs for vasculitis. I’ve had multiple surgeries with little relief. I’m asking for you to review my claim please! I’m physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted! I feel horrible not working and look forward to the day when this flare goes away ( if that day comes)! I’m really concerned about my future, I would greatly appreciate a second look please.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This judge doesnt care about people, shes only agreeing with the ssdi drs. She said my drs testimony was irrelevant. 3 ******* years wasted on my claim. I cant walk, stand very long or sit either..yet this judge thinks i can work, shes a *****..

  6. Anonymous says:

    I went to court in november of 2017, it is now mid april 2018 and im still waiting on an answer, coming up on 3 years since i originally filed, theres absolutely no excuse as to why this process takes so long ! **** ***** they treat a disabled person as a second class citizen. I worked 30 years i just want what im entitled too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    judge lesperance is very compassionate and patient.she follows the rules but you reall do feel cared about.if you still get denied,it’s not because she wanted to..there are protocals to follow.if you’re lucky enough to appear before her,thank your lucky stars.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Easy Judge to work with. Conducted the hearing in a fast, professional, and efficient manner. Asked questions that were on point, but still exhibited compassion. Made the process go quickly and easily without being impatient. Was a relief to appear before.

  9. katherine shopshire says:

    dear your honor lesperance,i do not understand my denial.i cannot find a psychiatrist who deals with disability claims,but social security shrink said i was definately disabled to the point i needed a financial guardian.what is a buffer?thats what the work guy said i could do.i beg you for a reconsideration.i cant find a lawyer to take my case now and i only have 30 days before im forbidden to file again.please.

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