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  1. Dear, Los Angeles County.. Disability Courts, I, Laseantas K. Williams-Kyle 06/20/1970 ssi 7013 would like to say Thank you for all the support during many years of these life difficulties. Now, with family disputes 1972-2012 has given me New Improvements today. Keep us all with private moments around the world. Also, Your Honorable Hatfield kindly send my concerns to “Hollywood Mental Health Resources” all is well. And, Congratulations on Global warming at Mother Land Of Polar Bears w/JB Clothier’s Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District 2007-2023. Meanwhile, with Homelessness programs at Pearl Harbor Affairs 1976, I’m grateful still today with matter’s in Inglewood California New Improvements.
    Baby Monroe.😘🎡💐’s🎨👑’s

  2. Yvette pigram says:

    I’ve Been fighting my Trigeminal Nerve case since 2018. I was denied three times,because all I could do is cry each time. Too emotional…I Reapplied all three times. The fourth time on may 8, 2021,I talked to a judge for five minutes on the phone and she told me her decision would be in the mail.She denied me July 2nd. I tried contacting them and they told me I Cain’t open it anymore it’s been closed. How do I Re Open My case,And get it in a court room or get a judge who will examine everything,Not just what was said in the five minutes I had to talk. This Crisis has left me in Bad Shape for the Rest Of My Life!…

  3. Jimmy Frederickson says:

    I always wished I could personally have Thanked! him outside the court room for his kindness and understanding!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good Judge! Walked in the court room nervous, but got relaxed quickly. Asked me few questions and I answered it as is. My lawyer also answered it. Judge asked me if I could shower, cook and drive. I said yes, yes and yes, but may have hard time to cook if I have to reach anything over my head level. And Judge asked me again, if everything is below your head level, can you cook? I said yes. Fully won. Great weight given to my 100% VA and great weight given to my doctors statement. Very nice guy. Thank you.

  5. Jim Hustin says:

    I waited over a year! ….and was denied the first time filing upon my own.
    It was over a year before I went in front of Judge Hatfield. I had a strong disability case ..and I truly suffered while waiting to see the judge. He was a very compassionate, and I will never forget him! for listening and helping me with my case.. HOWEVER?.. he’s not a push over by no means! he looks at all the facts very well before making his final decision, but he will be fare and is a very good listener! and a good judge!

  6. JasonLee says:

    This judge is pretty fair, he’s appears to be all business with his findings, but is also very kind and seems compassionate if you are truly disabled. I personally went before him and at the end , he told me that he was sorry that the system had taken so long to review my case..

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