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  1. Brenda Caviness says:

    I have read some of the comments. It’s easy to to see from only one side and make assumptions. Our judiciary system as a whole is overburdened, overworked and understaffed. I respect all of those still trying to make headway. This judge was a professional thru my hearing. His sincerity was genuine. Thank you for the work that you do your honor.

  2. Beverly Bailey says:

    My son Eric Bailey will be standing before you on Dec. 3rd. I pray that his testimony will be strong enough to help see what his ailments are, inside and out. I am Eric’s mother Beverly Bailey and I would be their if my health permitted. I guess I know him inside and out and I hope the judge will read this and know this comes from the bottom of my heart. Eric has been with me for over a year helping in any way his body permits. Eric’s mind is troubled as well as his body. He recently had a nervous break down, which left him even more disturbed.Eric’s mind is the size of a 10 year old. He can’t handle discord, and more then ever could not complete a task. Eric’s disability is mostly inside, although I know his body is broken down.. Eric has a10 yr. old and a 15 yr.old living in his home I do what I can and pray daily that he will be awarded his disability. He says he does not care about back pay, just a little to pay bills and help with food for him and his children. I write this from my heart, and pray you will see what is inside of my son.

  3. Bernie Shapiro says:

    From Attorney–My comment reflects the above comment by claimant with PTSD-I just reviewed one of my cases that will be heard in the next six months and my written comment to my staff was to obtain all evidence available as Judge Schueler is a caring and considerate gentleman, who, presented with proper evidence is dedicated to doing the right thing for people. His judicial manner is great and he has a heart while dutifully adhering to the law, as required. It’s a comfort to be able to look forward to appearing before Judge Schueler again and trusting that a well-based decision will be made.

  4. Anom says:

    I have went in front of ALJ Schueler twice. My first was time in november and the second time was 2 days ago. He seems like a good person and treats claims with respect. I suffer from PTSD and a few other thing, but the PTSD bothers me the most. I was avictim to a ruthless violent crime where I was nearly beat to death in public by 5 people in broad daylight but the people that witnessed the crime did not bother to at least call the cops. I would have died if the guy that recognized me and helped me would have been 1 minute later literally. This has left me aprisoner of my own home for the past 8 years almost. I have no way to support myself so I have to rely on family. I shouldnt have to be their life long burden. The judge sent me to be evaluated by one of their consultants. The consultant did agree that I have severe limitations around the public. I have severe anxiety around anyone I dont know. I just hope he comes to a just decision and i can help my family take care of me. He seems to actually cares about the claims and over all is a genuine nice person. I have done research when I can about other cases in different states from people that suffer from PTSD. I have read about a man that was approved because the store he worked at was robbed and the the man was held up at gun point. I know that had to be traumatic but I am lucky just to be alive. I hope all of you that are truly disabled get a ALJ like Schueler. He doesnt degrade people, and shows respect to us that are. I know he cannot approve every case but if all your asking for is a fair chance and for some one to really look at your case he will.

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