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  1. J. Hubbard says:

    I just want to say don’t believe these comments on this site about mr. Jordan he is not in any way shape or form how those other people are describing him I believe if you go before this judge with Clean Hands and an honest heart and speak the truth you have nothing to worry about. Thank you mr. Jordan I want to personally apologize for the racist and derogatory remarks that these other people have said. I know you have a lot of weight on your shoulders from trying to sift through the liars sorry for your heart on that responsibility that you have God bless

  2. DanM says:

    Dear Judge JJ,

    Been trying to find the Judge that heard my case first time. The comments I heard fit to you as close as the way I was treated in the over the “air” hearing where you denied all the pertinent evidence from the hospital that was able to do the work needed to keep me alive. I only came back east because I am unable to function for even a small amount of time outside “my shell”

    After incidents back east I was clearly determined to be as screwed up as the doctors in New Mexico determined… thing is, you even agreed that the diagnosis was valid, but since you did not understand the situation… I DID NOT was considered a crippled being. I was proud of everything I accomplished, and accomplishments I hoped to complete. Now, I can just barely get around and am driving a 10 year old car with little hope of improving my existence.

    I hope when you finally come up for your personal judgement that you understand you are only going to be judged as you have judged others.

    OH… BTW… I am not certain you are the Judge Jordan that heard my case. but the thing I read sounded so much like what I experienced, and even though what happened did not occur in this state, I cannot accept any evidence you might produce where the incident occurred, It wouldn’t be valid in this state, Besides, I believe you were faking it.

    I am tired and I still hopee

  3. gottcha says:

    Does not review medical records or he does not UNDERSTAND the information in the Record; does not read Briefs; rude to non-attorney representatives; condescending, unwarranted arrogance, seems poorly educated generally. Will soon be defending a BIAS assertion under Hallex 1-3-125 for “off the Record comments and facial expressions”…..stay tuned

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