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  1. DeniedDisabledCitizen says:

    Judge Jeffrey Mastin is completely incompetent. After waiting years for a judicial review, Judge Mastin, who is employed by social security and is not impartial, ordered a review of my records by a third party instead of reviewing the records himself. The doctor he subcontracted out his judicial duty to had never examined me and did not review all of my records and submitted an incomplete assessment claiming I was not disabled and did not mention the thoroughly documented CRPS type 1 in my records. Judge Mastin also hired a vocational expert that claimed I was 85 percent capable of working despite my work records showing I was at best 50 percent capable of working when I was last employed. Social security even had factually incorrect info in my file that I was not allowed to object to. I was trying to do the right thing and not apply until I absolutely needed it financially but unfortunately I have been told by lawyers that judges like Mastin have been instructed to ignore the law and deny everyone under 50 years old regardless of the evidence as was done in my case. Judge Mastin did not even look at my several hundred pages of medical records and just agreed with the sham review of doctors paid by social security to reject cases like mine. I have appealed once again and will hopefully prevail. It’s been 5 years since I initially applied and the process has been absurd and they ignore the evidence I have from 6 different doctors in the timeframe they require saying my condition is severe and deny me anyway and Judge Mastin is just another person who apparently is not doing his job and is instead playing politics with disabled people’s lives and it is disheartening. Judge Mastin’s treatment towards me sent me into crisis and I am still suffering today as a result of his negligence and incompetence.

  2. Kayce Saddler says:

    I appeal my case because of an overpayment that was not my fault. I went before Judge Mastin who was an amazing Judge and ruled in my favor. This was back on June 15, 2021, and got his decision in the mail on July 8, 2021. It is now December 9, 2021, and not one thing has been done to correct my case. They are still taking almost $400 out of mine and my 2 minor children’s benefits, and have been doing that for the past year and a half. I’m not sure what more I can do to speed up the process, but I’ve been on the phone with Social Security Administration at least once a week to get this issue fixed, and I just keep getting the run around. I’m so frustrated. It shouldn’t take 6 month’s to stop an overpayment, and to return all my money that they’ve taken from my children and I for the past 18 month’s. Is there someone I can call to get a hold of Judge Mastin, and ask him if there’s anymore I can do to speed up the process? Thank you so much.

  3. Debbie C. Stoughton says:

    I want to thank Judge Matsin for his favorable decision in my case.

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