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  1. Jose says:

    I had this judge he cornered me every time he asked a question. I’m a disabled combat veteran. I was getting disability for ptsd from the Iraqi war. He made his decision 1/4 through the interview and I asked to him to have a small time to explain. He then hung up on me. He never said thank you for serving my country or good bye. I think he needs to be disbarred I have paid for ssi for my entire work life being 25 years. I’m disappointed that this guy who has never helped our country or provided a criminal justice episode thinks he is the end all he all. I will be telling his higher up that his is in the wrong position for what he does.

  2. Worried says:

    I am so scared to go back to hearing office. 1st I have no lawyer an I waa late getting to hearing. All my fault. So I have a new date. Will he remember that I was late. Does is it matter that im not a lawyer or that educated. I just want him to really see me.

  3. Bobbi says:

    I had a hearing on Feb. 14, 2019. Everybody there was kind to me and treated me like a human being. I was so nervous I couldn’t even think straight and shook entire time speaking with the judge. My mental state of mind was not due to anybody present at the facility, they were all very pleasant. The judge had patience with me thankfully. Alot of my medical issues were not mentioned, but through no fault of the judge. At the end of the hearing, I was asked if theres anything I’d like to add. I said no. Our representative had already caused the hearing to start late, and I didnt want to cause the judge to be late for his next hearing. I’m rating the judge with a 5 star because with the late hearing start, and me stumbling over simple questions he still treated me like a human being.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The idea of this guy having the authority to mandate the well-being or my future in general is a complete nightmare. What a driving on a suspended DL in 1989 has to do with my deteriorating spine, and disabling knees, along with the mental issue that accompany them at the age of 51 in the year 2018 is a question to be answered. My hygiene habits, and my diet also have not a g-d thing to do with the extensive long list and painful severity that I have to endure daily to why I am applying for benefits. I wish you could live in my shoes for a day, the brutalizing verbal and physical abuse I suffered as a child, leaving me with the damaged lumbar of today, the falsely accused domestic violence and burglary by girlfriends that were less than worthy to be convicted of that you took advantage of to humiliate me with, and was a depressing reminder of the bad women in my life! The relationship with a succubus who poorly parents a daughter regularly visited by Child Services that has me in the rears with child support that you also made sure of being a points against me towards my “painful physical disabilities” attempt to get SSI. Not to mention, my means of transportation, the bicycle, that is killing my knees, and best for my spine keeping me off of the ground weight bearing down on my spine! Oh, and the pot smoked once prior to the Pain Management pee test in 2016, well Mr. Jeff Sessions that’ll all change once I acquire my Medical Marijuana Card giving me the right to smoke daily to alleviate chronic pain and calm my PTSD. I do hope that we meet one day when you’re not on the other end of a picture screen, and I can give you my decision to your well-being you ******** *****!

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