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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you get this judge be prepared to “negotiate” away most of your back pay. This so-called judge won’t let anyone else in the hearing get a word in edgewise. He must love to hear himself talk. He wouldn’t let my lawyer finish a sentence before interrupting him. Very rude man. I thought this was supposed to be my hearing, but 80% of the recording is this judge spouting off nonsense. When he is talking it is either irrelevant to my case or is an exercise in circular reasoning where at the end of his diatribe you realize despite his lecture, he doesn’t actually say anything of importance except to belittle you for filing for disability. He tries to intimidate you into giving up the back pay so the lawyer doesn’t get anything. Even if he approves your case, you will still have to wait another 2 years or more before Medicare kicks in because he makes you give up most or all of the back period of time. If you don’t agree to give up the back period of time, he will threaten to deny the whole case. Very unfair and manipulative and seems to get his jollies out of screwing people over simply because he has the authority to do so. But, someday his actions will come back to haunt him. It would be sweet justice if someday he gets severely ill and then his life in put in the hands of a government bully who is likewise full of himself. SSA is a joke and to think that you have to wait nearly 3 years and then have somebody like this decide if you can get your own money back, without interest mind you, is a travesty.

  2. Donna M. says:

    I saw Judge Kohlman last week and was approved from the bench! I was terrified and nervous but he had read my file THOROUGHLY and was very informed about the statements submitted and my my case altogether…He was very UNDERSTANDING and awarded me from the bench in 12 minutes flat!!!


  3. Robert Reynolds says:

    Judge Kohlman approved my case today after 22months of waiting. He looked at the evidence and listened to what I said even though I was Irate most of the time. He explained the things very well and made as fair a decision as he could have do to an inadequate lawyer that left most of the paperwork at his office and not being prepared. I guess I was the only person who got mad when being awarded. Thanks Judge Kohlman.

  4. Rep says:

    Mocked the claimant at the hearing. While claimant was testifying about the intensity of his back pain, which is corroborated by the objective evidence, the judge kept complaining about his own back pain. Throughout the hearing, kept asking the claimant if he was disabled because he also had back pain. A nut.

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