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  1. Anonymous says:

    FYI: many attorneys in our area HAVE filed complaints against Judge McLean. The complaints fall on deaf ears. Nobody, from the regional office to the local chief ALJ, can do anything about her issues. A lot of us found out the hard way that our complaints are a waste of time. However, you SHOULD appear at your hearing — do not lose your “day in court” just because your representative doesn’t wish to appear before her. As long as your medical records support your complaints, you should be ok. We do win cases with her, but it’s few and far between. She only approves when the claimant is SERIOUSLY injured or ill. So you take your chances at getting her if your condition is “middle of the road.” Just tell her how you are unable to work on a FT basis. What keeps you from showing up to work, what causes your pain, how often do you have symptoms of depression, etc. That’s all you can do. GET GOOD STATEMENTS from your treating doctor. She can’t beat you on appeal if you have good statements from a good doctor. You can always withdraw your claim and start over, but you need to make sure you are still insured if you do this because if you file a new claim, you may not be insured anymore. You should look at her face and tell her the truth and just answer her mundane questions (what movements have you made in the last 2-3 years in any direction). So if she asks you how often you drive, don’t say something like “not often.” Say something like “2 times a week.” She will then move on. Answer the question and hopefully she will move on. You can also get an audio of the hearing a few days after the hearing.

  2. DADofAdisabledCHILD says:

    my attorney told me about this judge and he is trying to get me another.. even the ppl whom answer his calls all tell me the same thing and she gave me a hearing like 3 years after i applied for ssdi… i keep wating and my stuff keeps getting worse

  3. Anonymous says:

    To all of the Attorney’s that have had to go before this judge. Why are YOU not filing complaint’s against this woman. 19 months may not be illegal, but it surely shows incompetency!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The last time we had a claimant that had a hearing before Judge McLean we waited…get this…19 months for her decision to be written! That’s right. Unbelievable. And the poor soul was denied to boot. I personally wish her no ill will, but she needs to step down from her position. Her insensitivity toward others and her gross lack of competency fails to meet the qualifications of an administrative law judge. 19 months?! That should be illegal. Really.

  5. maybenextonthelist says:

    Hmm, If she has treated claimant’s and their Attorney’s in the manner people have described here, Why hasn’t anyone ever filed a complaint against her. After all you have that right. I would think that after a few complaints filed against this ALJ, she would have been removed from her position!

    I will reserve my opinion here, As I also am waiting for a hearing date with this ALJ. I have informed my Attorney of this Website, and the comments directed at this particular ALJ. We will be prepared!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge has a long history of being an opponent to claimants. She worked (not much though) as a respondent attorney in the workers’ comp court, defending insurance companies. None of the lawyers at that court could stand her. It is a joke that she is now a Social Security judge. She is a class act idiot. She intentionally lowers her voice so that she cannot be heard, but then she jumps YOUR a** if she can’t hear YOU. Her clerks inform us that her voice “miraculously gets louder” as soon as the hearing is over and everyone else has left the room. She has one goal: to demean anyone in the room. That includes the lawyer, the claimant, the clerk, and the vocational expert. She throws her hands up in the air constantly throughout the hearing and acts like she doesn’t have a clue what you’re talking about. She really does NOT understand the law. She asks hypothetical questions to the vocational expert that are not designed to discover the “truth,” but are intentionally phrased trap and confine the expert to an answer that will be detrimental to the claimant’s case. If something happens during the hearing that is not “straight down the black & white path” that only SHE needs (other judges do not!), then she begins to hyperventilate, screech, wine, with flailing hands in the air, and the insults begin. All the while, she is looking at the clock and making you feel that YOU have a problem. This is definitely not what the legislature intended for a poor unemployed disabled claimant. I wish every person would complain to their congressman about her barbaric handling of people in hearings and how she makes a claimant WAIT for a hearing. Other judges up there cannot stand her. She is a burden on the entire ODAR office. She schedules LESS hearings than any other judge. She is incompetent and truly a joke. Even the security guards talk about her behind her back — as do all the clerks in that office. How the world she was picked for a judgeship will remain a mystery to me until the day I die.

  7. Tami says:

    I will be going before Judge McLean in August for my ssdi hearing. I have been waiting on a date since June 12, 2012 and I have to wait until 2014. I hope this Judge is not discriminating against me because of my age, but after hearing your comments I believe she is. I am one of the rare ones that truly is disabled and I hate all of the people that don’t really need it because it gets taken out on people like me. I just found out from my attorney how much longer I have to wait, we thought I would get it soon. When I found out I wanted end my life, but then I read these comments and realized she would like nothing more, and I will not give her the satisfaction. I also thought, I was a Paramedic for many years and I was nasty mean like her after awhile because I always had to deal with trash. Its actually called burned out. So maybe everyone should be a public servant for awhile and then you would understand. However, I will probably be arrested in court because I will not put up being treated like crap, my mouth will get the best of me, maybe she needs to be put in her place guess i will bring some duct tape! You all do have me scared. But she has me severely depressed. I don’t think I can go much longer without my money. I think she is making me this way because that’s how she feels about herself. What comes around goes around.

  8. can'tsayforsure says:

    I know this judge; I worked with her in an appeals office (not Okla.). All the adjectives used to describe her in the comments so far are ones I’ve heard used about this judge and I probably used some in the day-to-day frustration of attempting to do the work of the office with this woman. As one post mentioned, I too don’t understand how she passed muster to become an ALJ. The day she left our office was a day of rejoicing.

    Each and every one of you with personal experience in a hearing with her should write a description of the judge’s behavior and words as quickly as possible after the hearing and send it to:
    1. HOCALJ of her office, and,
    2. Regional Chief Judge, and,
    3. Office of General Counsel, and,
    4. U.S. Social Security Commissioner.

    There likely are others to whom these letters should be sent; do some research. Yes, I understand that you may be fearful of retaliation. If so, send the letter anonymously and state that you fear retaliation. If enough pressure is put, someone somewhere will at least ask a few questions about this judge. Good luck.

  9. Anonymous says:

    All the above are true. I have had two hearings with this ALJ and she seems to hate her job and everyone who walks in the room. She is rude to claimants and reps. She will start a hearing an hour late (taking 2 hours on prior case) and then tell you you have 45 minutes and if you need more there will be a supplemental hearing. She asks a standard set of background questions that are often redundant and time consuming involving thorough questioning on criminal history, drug/alcohol history and things like “How many times have you traveled more than 25 miles from your home in the last 3 years?” She does not appear the least bit objective or unbiased.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, these comments are spot-on. She is a joke of a judge that needs to be smacked back real hard by the Appeals Council.

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