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  1. To Miles says:

    You must be mistaken about “T” being Judge McLean. A knowledgeable judge would know that something slanderous is the uttering of a false report. Something that one considers a false written statement would be libelous. Then there is a little ole thing called The Bill of Rights, Amendment I, giving Americans the freedom of speech. Surely a judge would be familiar with The Constitution of the United States! : )

  2. cause for removal from the bench? says:

    If there is an obvious conflict of interest in a case, wouldn’t it be ethical for a judge to remove one’s self instead of punishing the disabled individual with an automatic denial? My rating for this judge is a negative 20.

  3. Miles L. Mitzner says:

    There are only 2 people who have left 5 stars for this ALJ and both comments condemn the other people commenting and this website. Is it you ALJ McLean? Who is T? Why hide behind a letter? Why can you not say who you are? Why can you/her not get one single person to give you any stars? This is Miles L. Mitzner and I have never posted on this site until now in contrast to your comments. I found it tonight doing research on yet another one of your denials for another law firm that will likely result in a remand. You make accusations about me trolling the internet, guessing that I made the comments, which I did not, but these comments about you make your fury turn toward me. Why? I stand behind my work I do not hide behind a letter for my posts like whomever you are. Only you would make these kinds of comments. Whomever you think is attacking you on this website is not me, I already did that in a Federal Lawsuit and now you cannot hear my cases because you deny due process to my clients. So, if it is you, own up. Show your face. Do not hide behind the internet. I do not do that. P.S. If you want to know what I think ask me. Anyone will tell you I will say it straight to your face.
    Miles L. Mitzner, Attorney at Law
    31 years practicing Disability Law
    Over 30,000 hearings won
    Chair, Disability Section Oklahoma Bar Association
    Mitzner Disability Law Firm

  4. luckyone says:

    I had a hearing before this alj. As I see it, she acted in a totally professional manner. Her questioning was direct, quick and mostly about my symptoms and impairments. All the medical evidence was right there for her to see. Her decision on my claim was Fully Favorable.

  5. Justmyopinion says:

    All I can say is that I have had hearings with this ALJ since the day she came to the OKC ODAR. She has at times acted very odd during hearings (pounding the table, rolling her eyes, sighing very loudly, turning down all the lights in the room and running large fans to kill “the germs”)……she has also at other times been acting in a perfectly normal way. However, regardless of how she acts, I still believe that it is improbable that any ALJ would be approving only 25-27% of the claims that come before her. If her opinions were “correct” then I highly doubt that she would be seeing the vast majority of her denials being reversed by the AC or the Fed Courts.

    And, by the way, she is part of a Union and has a life-time appointment. Anyone that has done any research will discover that it is extremely difficult to remove an ALJ. And yes, I too have filed complaints against this ALJ.

  6. Aa says:

    Whoa, easy, dawgs!…ALJ shopping? Wish it were so easy to pick and choose…

  7. Anonymous says:

    I might also add that both Article 3 Judges and State District Court Judges are also public servants. The fact that Social Security ALJ’s are public servants, just like every other judge and state or federal worker, does not extend free license to attack them.

  8. T. says:

    I can assure you that I am a member of the Legal Community Mr. Mitzner. And, you have tried cases with me in the past. I can also assure you that I understand the difference between slander, opinion and truth. Your statements on this site contain a little bit of all three. Whether or not they are actionable is not the question, the question is slandering and promoting forum/alj shopping to fit an agenda.

  9. onewhoknows says:

    As a practitioner, I have seen decisions from Judges all over the country. I do not believe this judge understands the law or the disability process. If you get this judge and your case is not an obvious one, prepare your client for an appeal. As to the commenter below complaining about what is posted here, I can only assume (hope) that you are not in the legal field. There is no liability for defamation when the statement is an opinion, or when it is true. An ALJ is a public servant. If she cannot do her job adequately then public comment is entirely appropriate.

  10. T. says:

    It is not appropriate for an attorney or other representative to post these types of statements on this site, or any other. I know of no other site which would allow such statements to be posted about a State or Federal District Court Judge with complete impunity. So why are they allowed for Federal ALJ’s here? They are slanderous and should be removed. If I were this ALJ, I would sue the site and find out who is posting these things. I suspect I already know, and then sue them as well. You may not like a particular ALJ, you may not agree with his or her opinion or decision, but to come here and make wild accusations and assertions based upon your own personal bias is unethical and promotes forum/alj shopping.

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