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  1. Eriq says:

    Nine years now! This judge is terrible.

  2. Anonymous says:

    She’s a heartless monster!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for nothing judge Jennifer Smith!!! Waiting almost 3 years including waited for you to take your holiday vacation while I (we) all suffer and leave my life solely in your hands yet you can’t see the facts and the suffering. I caught you rolling your eyes at my hearing. Real nice human being!! Ugh. I’m suffering for years and I proved that in person and in writing yet now I still have to put my life (and the people in my life) on hold for another how many months/years to still fight for my disability. I haven’t breathed since I first applied. Almost 3 years later and I still won’t be able to breath. My life is over thanks to you. I now lose everything including my home. I now will will be homeless because of you!!! I have no idea how you live with yourself. As long as your able to feed yourself And your family and have a roof over your head is all that matters! Thanks for absolutely nothing!!!!! With the little life I have inside of me I will fight till the end with this disability that I’m entitled to!!! I will get it as long as you stay tf away from me!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge is a terrible judge and a terrible human being. She clearly does not read the medical evidence in the file and simply reads the initial Social Security Reports and decides that information, taken years before without a complete picture of the medical evidence, is gospel. She puts so much stock in “opinion evidence” from DDS at the beginning of the case, yet puts no stock in the medical evidence in the file, which is the substantive evidence. I can only assume that the reason she puts so much stock in the initial Social Security reports is that she could not be bothered with reading the medical evidence. Allegedly, this judge practiced Social Security Disability law. I find this hard to believe, given that she ignores the medical evidence in the file. She also interrupts claimant’s subjective testimony and says “well that’s not in the medical evidence.” Well, judge, this is the claimant’s personal testimony, it is unlikely that what the claimant says will be in the medical evidence word for word. Beware if you get this judge. You will not receive a fair hearing or due process.

  5. Eriq says:

    Extra displeased with this judge. She has denied me twice, and after my appeal hearing this afternoon, I think she is going to deny me again. I have already lost so much, and this judge has my life, in her hands. My fate will be decided by her. She’s cold, and you can tell that the claimants are just numbers to her. She called in an out-of-state, retired cardiologist, who has never met me, and said that he didnt have enough information, to give testimony. Apparently my primary doctor, and the opinions of the five cardiologists that I have already seen, do not matter to her. I dont have any fight left in me. If i get denied, that’s it. I cant take the depression, and living off of the $151/Mont that DSS is allowed to give me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very displeased with this Judge. I Her cross examination was very cold and unfair. I could tell mid-way through my hearing what her decision was by questions she was asking and her clear dismissal of my medical history and the information provided to her. My fate was left in her hands and now I am going to lose everything I own because Judge Jennifer Gale Smith (who isn’t a doctor) says I am NOT disabled. Thanks for nothing!

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