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  1. Wendy says:

    I had my hearing on 9/16/2016 before Judge Jennifer Long. I want to say thank you judge Long for setting aside time out of you schedule to hear my case . I also want to thank you for being empathetic and compassionate to my illness I wish there where more people in the world like you .

  2. Andrew Comfort says:

    I had my hearing on the 11th of May 2016. I felt as though Judge Long was very decent to me. She is a no nonsense Judge but very warm hearted. She gathered very good points and asked a bit of questions to be as clear as possible. Do not try to talk over her like the vocational expert tried to do, she is very big on respect, as any adult should be. I feel as though she makes no biased opinion, and feels out every case for which is brought to her. As long as you tell the truth, don’t try to play the system, be a man or woman, have respect, and have serious issues not to waste her time, you will be fine. I liked her very much so. I see some people commented with rather rediculous comments. I think she was great to me. She heard every point of my case my Lawyer and I had to say, did not interrupt or rush us, was very polite, and warm hearted, very respectful to me and didn’t make me feel terrible about what has happened to me in my life time due to my illnesses. I have nothing but good things to say about the Judge. Warning though, if you are someone who is just to lazy to work, and taking up valuable time for people like us who really need help, and are just trying to get over on the state, I hope you get her because she is a no nonsense Judge by far who does not like her time to be wasted. I can tell she hears alot of cases that I am sure are bogus. Let your medical records speak for themselves. Thank you for being so kind and concerned about my well-being Judge Long. I wish more people were like you in the world.

  3. Angie says:

    Had my hearing day before yesterday and I felt like going immediately to the emergency room from an anxiety attack. I am not sure if it was intentional but this was a very tense stressful situation. I felt like I was being interrogated and because I am disable I had done something wrong. I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy. We have to do better with citizens.

  4. Gregory Holland says:

    One of the nicest person I have ever met. Have not receive a decision yet but she was very nice to me. Was in the hearing room for over an hour. My lawyer said we did good but still waiting.

  5. Eddy says:

    If I could give this judge 0 stars I would. She made up her mind before I even sat down. I had the worst attorney ever. Dont ever get one of those national attorneys. I couldnt get ahold of mine at all. On the day of my hearing I never heard back from my attorney as to wether or not he had got my medical records. I made the mistake of wearing my medical records in a backpack. The judge decided that because I could limp into her courtroom with a backpack on I wasnt disabled.
    I have a degenerative bone disease. After 8 surgeries I have no material in my shoulders or knee joint to work with. Also have PTSD, anxiety disorder, Bi polar depression, ADHD…
    I have been in mental health treatment my entire adult life. I spent 5 years in prison.
    She denied my claim. Never mentioned PTSD or other mental health issues. Wouldnt let me present my mental health records from prison.
    I begged this judge for mental health treatment and she spit in my face. I dont know what else Im supposed to do. This is one messed up decision. Judge Jennifer long told a man who had already been to prison for reckless endagerment that he had no mental issue. Its unreal

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