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  1. N says:

    I had Jennifer Pustizzi and was extremely nervous! but she made me feel at ease, had an extremely nice demeanor and asked all the right questions. She doesn’t have the best approval ratings BUT she is fair. All I can recommend is make sure you have a long extensive record and be completely 100% honest.

  2. Charles says:

    Denied…. ALJ jennifer Pustizzi. I don’t blame the judge. I blame my rookie attorney who works for a big box firm. Unprepared… didn’t question much of anything the vocational “expert “ said. I still stand by my previous comments about judge Pustizzi. Very courteous and professional.

  3. Charles says:

    Judge Pustizzi was very professional and courteous. Although it appears she hasn’t been an ALJ for SSA long according to records you would think she’s been doing it for years. She goes right to the heart of your ability to work,past work, etc. My hearing lasted approximately 35 minutes. I don’t know the outcome yet but I’m not righting this review based on whether I’ve won my case or not. What’s important to me is that I was treated with respect,compassion,kindness and professionalism. She doesn’t yuck it up with your attorney in which my case my attorney has been in front of this judge multiple times or her staff during your hearing.. The court reporter was so quiet you wouldn’t have known she was there. Very professional. No matter her ruling I felt she was respectful, kind and above all else fair in her questioning and treatment of myself and my attorney.Thank you your honor! You are a true professional. Note: I wrote this review because everyone that has to go to an ALJ hearing is nervous, anxious, and scared if you’ve never testified before a judge. Fortunately for myself I have been before many judges in my law enforcement career. I’ve seen amazing judges and some I thought were rude, egotistical, and unprofessional. I saw none of those traits with Judge Pustizzi. Tell the TRUTH. Don’t put on a show or exaggerate. These judges have seen and heard it all. Your capacity to work is the judges main concern. Listen to your council and talk to the Judge about your condition just as you would your doctor. Sorry this is so long but I felt it needed to be done as I’ve seen zero reviews on this judge.

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