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  1. Frances Brown says:

    Judge Hornblass is; by his actions unfit to sit in judgement of a living soul. After considering his past record on the supreme court, this should have been clear. He is not a fair human being and can not possibly be a fair judge of character. He is playing the numbers game while sitting hearing cases at the Social Security Office in Manhattan. He has had decisions overturned on the same matters more then three times. This represents arrogance and deregard for a civilized legal systems.

  2. Dolores Prestigiacomo says:

    I did a internship from LaGuardia College in 1991 under the supervision of Judge Hornblass at Supreme Court. I found him to be a dedicated fair individual as a person.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. John says:

    Judge Hornblass is not only a down to earth, fair Judge, he knows “real people” and what their needs are. He is the epitome of Firm but Fair.

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