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  1. Cheyenne H. says:

    Following a phone call hearing with Jerome Munford, I received assurances that my disability case appeared favorable and that approval was likely. However, despite this, the judge denied my application for the third time. I harbor strong suspicions that the judge’s decisions may be racially motivated, based on his behavior and actions during the proceedings.

    Moreover, the judge provided misleading information regarding the timeline for a decision. He stated that I would receive a decision within 6 weeks, yet it took 4 months for me to receive the decision in the mail. This extensive delay not only resulted in a negative outcome but also forced me to cancel essential appointments with my heart doctor and several other healthcare providers due to financial constraints.

    To add to the injustice, the written documentation I received in the mail contained statements that were not true and were not mentioned during the hearing. This indicates that there may have been unauthorized discussions or misrepresentations outside of the formal hearing process.

    As an individual in genuine need of disability support, I find these circumstances deeply distressing and unjust, especially as they affect my access to necessary healthcare.

  2. KENNETH Dewayne jeter says:

    I have had my court date over the phone two weeks ago and I have to say he was one of the best a lot better than some he seemed to care and actually listen to me I would take him over any judge iv seen before

  3. T. F says:

    Judge munsford is a racist human being who sits behind a bench and does not do his job . I lost my cdls been in mental institution twice and he denied me even postponed my hearing cause of his family matters took 3 yrs for hearing and couldn’t operate his part of phone interview had to finish with his personal cell phone cause he lost power wow please step down be better off in back of line like rest of u racist people we elect

  4. V Erskine says:

    I had my hearing, and while it seemed as if he was listening, when I got my order it became apparent he had NOT listened to anything nor considered anything. He chose to listen to a dr. who prescribes the meds my therapist recommends and sees me 15 minutes every three months rather than the therapist herself. He completely ignored not only my orthopedist, he made the assumption that I did not go to physical therapy. I did go, it was in the paperwork! I just quit because it was actually making my problem worse. Then because I am ALLERGIC to most narcotics and cannot take them, and the ones I can take are useless with my back condition it, in his words “must not be as severe as presented.” So I have to be an addict to be in real pain? Because that’s not bad enough he completely dismisses the doctor that the Social Security office sent me too! He completely ignored every piece of medical evidence presented to treat me like I’m faking my pain and issues. Thanks Judge Munford! Now I get to file bankruptcy since I was already three months past what I had saved. How the hell does a doctor, FOUR of them, say I’m incapable of doing significant work or any work and a judge just goes “oh well” with no accountability for it? This type of screwed system where I can have a neighbor drawing disability for her problematic foot and nothing else, and I can’t get any help for multiple issues is why moving to another country is sounding better and better. Maybe if I had been a veteran he would have taken me more seriously…but no I’m just a girl who watched and worried because every male in her family serve!

  5. Boris Battle says:

    I am a retired disable Gulf War, OEF/OIF, (Army) veteran, and I strongly agree with La Shanna Williams. As a former IG, (Fact Finder), I can truly state, Judge Munford is above, and beyond a professional in his courtroom. He acknowledged at the opening of my hearing; he had carefully reviewed/knowledgeable of all supporting documents, and is prepared to preside. He do not shoot from the hip, or will make a hip pocket decision. At the end of my hearing he thank me for my service. I truly believed those words came from his heart. God Bless

  6. LaShanna Williams says:

    Everyone has said that this judge is very rude and if he is your judge look for a denial. I have to say that he was not rude, he listened, he asked the needed questions, and he is just doing his job. I believe if you go to any judge…just tell your story and tell the truth…no one can explain your problems better than yourself. I am a retired disable veteran and I went in and just told the truth. Now I am just awaiting for my letter on a decision.

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