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  1. Shawna P. says:

    Judge Lovitt was very nice and considerate to me. He took everything I said and my records very seriously. In my opinion he is an excellent judge!

  2. reynolds says:

    i can see why so many people don’t like this man. he is mean and rude. even with doctors and different medical procedures i am having to go through he has denied me for 3 years now, he had made sly remarks and was so snarky. i was humiliated when i broke down and cried in the middle of the hearing.
    i had read that when you get denied you can file an appeal and then you are to get a new judge not familiar with the case. i continue to get this man. maybe if enough of us get together we can get him out of there.

  3. Fuck Judge Lovett says:

    This guy is a piece of shit ! Had tons of medical records and my doctor said I couldn’t work .

  4. Todd Clemons says:

    Jerry Lovitt is a condescending and disgrace for a judge . In his denial decision he made sure to point out the fact I was obese. In a passive aggressive way he more or less called me a liar . Even though and I produced medical evidence to my inability to work , even from my Doctor. He still decided to deny my claim and claimed my injuries were not severe . He is a disgrace and a smug , arrogant human being .

  5. Jerry’s a cunt says:

    Jerry Lovitt is an arrogant douche, I also had pages on pages of statements and facts from multiple doctors and specialists saying flat out NO HE CANNOT WORK, but he still denied me and acted like I bought my can at Walmart for effect, I even had 2 separate prescriptions for my cane.

  6. James says:

    Over 1000 pages of medical records and having several listed disabilities with multiple doctor physical assessment forms stating unable to work. I also am in cancer recovery. DENIED. I don’t under stand how these people come up with there decisions or what there looking for.They must flip a coin. nice enough judge, but his skills as a judge are definitely in question.

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