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    I’m just joking .😂🃏😎 I’m just messing with you Jerry and everyone.


    I am moving forward in my life my now and I am not going take back anything I said at FedEx because if security actually followed my advice, then maybe they could save more innocent people. I will always approve an option where innocent people lives are being preserved by any means necessary. I just want people who criticize me to leave me alone, and I am going to live my life the way I want to. Everyone thinks I deserve a break but what I need to do is work harder towards my goals in my life. I know what is best for my life and I don’t have time to go on dates, go to parties, and socialize because people think I need friends . However, I do have time to work on myself and work towards a brighter and successful future. If you call my phone, then I won’t answer you unless you are in my contacts.


    I meant to say that if you see a mass shooter is walking around shooting innocent people that anyone in law enforcement has the right to shoot first and ask questions later. I also meant to say that even the even the teenage mass shooters deserve to die and everyone knows that’s the truth. Unfortunately, I had to correct my grammar and English. I still definitely approve this message 100%. 😂😎


    I just want to let Jerry know that the comment made by Jason was me because I was pretending to be Jason. I want to set the record straight for everyone in Tennessee about what I said at the Fed Ex Express Memphis World Hub. I said, If you see someone with a gun, then you should shoot first and ask questions later. Basically, I was trying to say that if you see a mass shooting walking around shooting innocent people that anyone in law enforcement has the right to shoot first and ask questions later. There shouldn’t be any explanations or warnings because people like that deserve to die. Even the teenage mass shooters deserve to die and everyone knows that the truth. People should stop blaming the bullies and parents because at the end of the day they are not responsible for the tragedy. They are still innocent people. The parents of mass shooters always get blamed for a tragedy their child cause but the truth is that parents aren’t responsible for that mass shooter’s decision but the perpetrators themselves are responsible. The main issue is mental health and everyone knows that but people would rather blame the parents, bullies, video game industry, comic book industry, and even music. Media didn’t tell these mass shooters to shoot up the school but merely their own mental illness and everyone knows that’s the truth. I have some thing else to say and that is screw you Jerry Lang and Fred Smith Jr. I am done with the both of you. I definitely approve this message 100%.🎭😎

  5. JASON TODD says:

    I was just joking😂🃏. I am just going to keep on fighting because I don’t get mad but I always get even😎. You must really be proud of yourself Mr. Lang. You are the most altruistic judge that I have ever observed. You didn’t care about any of these people. I wonder if Jerry sometimes juke up his judicial stats. Maybe he is just another incompetent and lackadaisical judge. I also want to comment on something else. I’m not a super, but I’m an anti hero. Every single scumbag criminal like gangsters, drug dealers, pedophiles, serial rapists, serial killers, and terrorist deserve to die.

  6. JASON TODD says:

    Jerry Lang also denied my disability claim even though I was depressed and suicidal. He didn’t even take it seriously. Mr. Lang will regret denying my disability because on my birthday I’m going to kill myself.

  7. Lincoln Cain says:

    The appeals judge over turn his decision
    In my case and grant my claim..
    He was a very unfair judge In my opinion.
    So don’t give up keep fighting for your right
    You earned your benefit no one gave them to you i work 35 yrs. Us army 3 deployment in combat zone.

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