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  1. Dick hertz says:

    Terrible ethics denied a unemployable veteran the va deemed could not work

  2. Dick hertz says:

    Meant for 1 star

  3. Dick hertz says:

    Denied a permanent and totally disabled veteran for a second time and right before Christmas no doubt who’s facing surgery with a neurosurgeon the VA says I’m disabled and can’t work terrible man not just judge

  4. Nicholas Randolph //Angela Randolph says:

    My mom signed up for disability three years ago and this judge is still dragging his feet. My poor mother drags a oxygen tank around can’t breath. Carpal tunnel so bad she can’t open doors. He takes his sweet time. I’m deployed in Iraq. In 82 Airboure Trooper unit. You’d think my mother would get the help she needs after all I put my life up for you over here. We live in a sad country especially the ones sick and fall in the cracks. These judges need to speed this up it takes money to live and survive.

  5. Charlie France says:

    This ALJ is A Disgrace to his profession and who ever thought he should be in this position should be fired on the spot ???

  6. Charlie France says:

    ALJ Jerry Meade is a Joke when it comes to sitting with people with Disabilty And making decisions of whether people should Receve SS Disabilty or not ? when you have a Lady that has done everything that society ask , Go to school , goes to college, graduates and works for 43 years and Her Dr says you are no longer able to work and if you do you will shorten you life it’s time for you to retire and now get this she is 60 years old when she files . Now she has had SS hearings In Hunington Wv since March of 2018 and another one in December of 2020 and denied both times . She is now 64 under old and hasn’t worked for going on 5 years and all The SS Administration can say is go back to work ? Ypu ALJ Jerry Meade are a Disgrace to your profession ??????

  7. Terah says:

    He looked at all of my medical records showing him that I’m mentally incapable of working. The vocational expert said there was nothing I could do and I just called my letter saying I was denied. Is he insane? Reading all of these comments he must be!

  8. Leslie says:

    He seemed very polite and professional during my hearing, but I was astounded to find that when I received his decision, he had decided that I do not suffer from ischemic heart disease, although I have medical records recording both my previous heart attacks and 8 stents, major depressive episodes and debilitating anxiety, degenerative disc disease, a cracked spine and fibromyalgia. I was at a loss. What more could I tell these judges that I have not told them over the previous years? My health and stamina continue to decline, but I am just done. I feel like Judge Meade and his predecessors have told me I am just not worth it, that I am a ******* ***** ** **** with no hope. I just will not go through the humiliation again. It is a dehumanizing experience, and at this point, since I cannot keep gainful employment, I feel it would just be better for everyone if I just went away for good.

  9. Anxious says:

    My fiancé went in front Judge Meade, he was very polite and seemed very understanding. Even though it been close to 90 days now and we still have yet to hear anything. Getting very anxious. We were told we would hear something within 30 to 60 days. Anyone else waiting longer than the initial time frame?

  10. KDS says:

    Lies out his wazoo to “support his findings.” I have been diagnosed for the past 5 years with PTSD, major depression, severe anxiety, short term memory loss and sleep disorder and 11 years with seizures and 3 lesions back right side of my brain (3 different doctors in 3 different states multiple MRIs). Meade claimed that there was no record of sleep disorder or medication in my file, yet I’ve been on Ambien 10mg for 5 years along with other nerve medications and no evidence of “claimant’s supposed lesions.” He claimed that my mental reports showed “easy communication and relaxed mood” but conveniently left out the multiple times I’ve been admitted to psych wards and crisis units.

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