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  1. Johnny v says:

    This judge is a piece of shit he is not fair rude and a smart ass son of a bitch he need’s to step down as a judge I’m sure he has count less blood on his hands of people dyeing waiting on there disability would not stand in his shoes on his judgement day (the earthly judge handed me a death sentence my heavenley judge welcomes me with open arms)

  2. CINDY LINDSEY says:

    Jerry Peace lied to my face and did not explain the amount of money I would get for my case.
    Judge abused me in court and colluded with court appointed attorney anna black.
    I want musappropriation of my funds returned to me. I want my case reheard because my accident date occured on August z5th 2018. No one can legally change the date of my workers compensation claim.
    I want justice and accountsbility at the highest level.
    I will not stop until I expose all corruption in the courts and in the government.
    Jerry Peace did not treat my case fairly and he changed the date of my accident which is uncondtitutional.
    My case must be reevaluated and jerry Peaces record must be scrutinized for unfair practices.
    Cindy Lindsey

  3. Haha No says:

    A “monster” according to the attorneys I’ve dealt with. I’ve also heard he is biased. Made a VERY rude and disrespectful comment towards me implying I’m faking my disability, “make sure you /REALLY/ need the help.” Like I would be begging to someone like /him/ if I wasn’t seriously disabled. Multiple lawyers told me I have a case BUT they won’t accept my case BECAUSE. OF. JUDGE. JERRY. PEACE. May you never have to deal with this supposedly queerphobic “monster”, amen and God bless y’all. Good luck on your cases and stay strong.

  4. Lela matthews says:

    Judge peace is a very nice judge but i don’t understand why he denies people that really really need the help…He denied me and i have allot of health issues…I don’t work cause i have breathing issues but to judge peace that doesn’t matter cause i can still use my hands arms feet and legs..ok yes that’s true but also can allot of people that were not denied…..I’ve seen so many people out here that get disability but get around better than i do…..makes no sense….but I’ll continue to fight the system just with a different judge hopefully…My body May look healthy on the outside but the inside is a total wreck and hopefully someday I’ll get some help so i can afford to go to doctors..Thank you Judge peace for turning me down hopefully in the future I’ll be ok

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can honestly say Judge Peace is an amazing judge and I respect everything that he does. He has the eye for the truth. His decision was quick and understanding. Looks are deceiving and he completely got that. Thank you sooo much Judge Peace.

  6. Judy Johnson says:

    At first when meeting with Judge Peace he appeared stern and intimidating as he watched me take my seat. But after the hearing started I calmed down because he was very nice and understanding. I feel he has a hard job weeding out those that do not qualify for disability. Thank’s Judge Peace for being fair and also for making your decision in a short time from the hearing. I have heard horror stories of long waiting times for decisions (very stressful).

  7. Younglady says:

    I have gone before judge Peace multiple times and have been denied each time. Since 2014 till now. He has made comments about me that are irrelevant to my case and my disability. Because i have tattoos im not disable, i have a cell phone so im not disable. I watch tv so im not disable. I can honestly say that if those r the reasons for me not to be disable then 100 out of 100 people that are receiving disability are not disabled.

  8. Sc says:

    If you have judge peace. Get ready to fight I’ve been turned down by appeals council. They upheld his decision.

  9. sean k says:

    Judge peace was very thoughtfull and professional and listened very well he gave me an answer a timely manner if u get him u have a good judge

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