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  1. Mike Elston says:

    I signed up on November 2018 with no lawyer but I got denied 3 months later then I got a lawyer appealed it n got denied again a month later then I appealed it to a hearing a year later that was April 2020 n 2 weeks after my hearing I got denied again may 20 of 2020 I signed up again this time I had a lawyer at the beginning I have heart aneurysm I have a work restriction I have arthritis eating my right knee up I have a foot problem I cannot stand very long I cannot lift much I got denied again and again and went to hearing again in January 25th 2021 today I found out the judge denied me again I think they really need Define come judges out there that really has have a heart and do not be heartless does it does have people out there that really needs it the president leads to fire all of them and start all new it’s a bunch of crap I know I’m 45 years old but I have been working for the 30 years I put money in that got money I hope my lawyer will appeal it n I hope it gets turn over just to see that heartless judge face

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nearly 20 years ago Jesse Pease helped me get on SSI, as I had been denied previously. I was on this time in 3 months so obviously he knew what he was doing and did a good job. Now 20 years later SSI is telling me I am not disabled anymore for having missed their recent reevaluation medical exam. I was hoping he could represent me again though I see he is a judge now. Unfortunately it is difficult to really get a clear picture on the merits of a judge. These reviews all contend Jesse Pease is a pretty awful guy unfit to be a judge. This is more than likely because they lost their hearing. Most of the people that take time to write reviews are the ones that were negatively affected. Statistically, about half are denied benefits and half are approved, so naturally a whole lot of people are not going to be thrilled with the final decision. To those people don’t give up hope. If you really need to be on it, like I do than you can always file a Federal lawsuit. Or, you can wait one more year and come back for another hearing. Much of this is because Social Security is limited on funding, so they have to come up with criteria that will deny half the applicants. It ***** but the way it is!

  3. cornell childress says:

    Even though the judge gave my daughter fully favorable for backpay my daughter she didn’t make it to the hearing becase she passed, but I as her mother kept fighting on her behave because she was very ill she died with and horrible disease called systemic Lupus erymatatosus before the hearing so the judge read all her medical records and found that she was very sick and social security did not do what they should have done to help her when she was alive and still yet even with the judges discision fully favorable they want honor his judgement because social security saids my 17 year old daughter was not disable, she had luspus with other major problem going on to her organs so by the time she was twenty she died hear at home with me together, my love for my child could never compare to any amount of money my daughter and I was a great team for each other. She’s gone now but net forgotten she lives in my heart forever, its just the principal on how she was treated when she was hear, and now social sent me a letter stating I owe them $19,876.00 and i would have to pay it back which is not true then they said they cannot find her seal Records they destroyed them already i dont believed it. she just passed May 22, 2015 well with that being said I do believed the judge was a just judge in her case I just can’t understand how social security can be so heartless and cruel in turning his discision thankyou judge jesses pease I guess I’ll keep fighting to the End.

  4. RKA says:

    Heartless unfair judge my attorney says I must wait another year when
    I have already waited 18 months only to receive an unfavorable decision by ALJ Jesse Pease I hate this jerk for the hell I’m going through because of his inability to judge fairly who are you to judge anyone

  5. cornell says:

    I think the judge Is fair judge he handle my 20yr old daughters case even through she was deseased I kelp fighting for her to get disability because she was very I’ll I appreciated the judge goIng throughout her medical record and finding her disabled well with that being said he gave her fully favoble and was to received back pay well I wrote a letter To the judge to let him know that they said, ssi he didnot know what he was doing so SSi stated she was not disable and put his letter in with my desease child case and said I want be getting any money.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am a single mother battling leukemia. I have had major brain surgery 3 times. now that I have cancer and know that there is no known cure for my cancer and will be on chemo meds for the rest of my life I been fighting for ssi. this judge denied me already twice. supposedly they ran cognitive testing on me and based off that I am able to work. so sad to say this is a lie because they never ever ran any test or exams. I was praying I get this being a single mom and battling cancer to possibly use any back pay for final funeral expenses so my 7 and 10 yr old will be able to bury me. but he ruled against it. even knowing that I have been on 4 different chemo medications and they all stopped working and was switched yet again. what ever the case maybe its kind of sad that my neighbor who has nothing wrong at all got approved for it instantly. well ok I take that back the only thing she has wrong with her is that she is a heroin user…. must be nice to be paid to abuse drugs by our own system. woo those of us who have life threatening disease get denied. but he said despite me having cancer that I am still able to work and do work I have done in the past. yes get it in the past before the brain surgeries and before I was diagnosed with cancer. if I was able to work I would be working. some one needs to review this judge. I know some one else who was denied by him and the poor guy is in a wheel chair paralyzed from the waste down. just because the man worked before his accident.

  7. Daniel Murphy says:

    How can a reasoned medical opinion of a medical examiner who never examined a patient , never saw or spoke to a patient ,never reviewed a patients complete medical records stand behind his report as being fair and legitimate . How can an administrative law judge use a report like this to deny a disabled person the disability benefits that they deserve ? The judge did so because it was the best way to deny benefits and it fit easily into his biased decision . I have lost all faith in our American judicial system because of how unfairly I was treatedi . On the day I had my hearing judge Pease had an armed security guard protecting him and as I was preparing to go into my hearing the security guard stepped outside to get some fresh air for a minute and when judge Pease noticed his security guard was not there judge Pease panicked got scared and immediately yelled for his security guard . Judge Pease verbally reprimanded his guard for stepping outside for a minute . I am five feet four inches tall I weigh 110 pounds I am thin weak from my disability and was on crutches as I am unable to walk but this judge is such a coward I guess I freightened him . I think it’s this judges blatent bad decision s that make him think someone will hurt him . The thought never crossed my mind to physically hurt him or anyone else I have ever come in contact with. It saddens me that I have lost all faith in our judicial system because of the way I was unfairly treated . Everyone I come in contact with I will tell them how I was treated .

  8. Daniel murphy says:

    The date is now January 12 ,2014 and I still continue to live with a poor decision made by administrative law judge Jesse J. Pease regarding my claim for disability benefits . I hope Judge Pease reads my comments and I am sure they mean nothing to him but I have to live with his bad incorrect decision every day of my life. Unable to work and denied my SSDI benefits my daily life has been a struggle . I want judge Pease to understand the impact of his unfair treatment that I received that day . With only an income of $627 from SSI I have lost everything I worked so hard for and I currently am packing up my home as I lost my home to foreclosure and face eviction in 3 days . Had I been approved for my SSDI benefits I would still be able to make my monthly mortgage payment and would not be facing eviction .
    Judge Pease I will be evicted and will be homeless and I attributed this to your bad decision . I would have much rather been told by you judge Pease that the system has no money left and that’s why I would not be receiving disability benefits rather than having a fabricated medical examiners report used against me .

  9. Mr Daniel J.Murphy III says:

    This Judge is not meant to be a Social Security Administrative Law Judge because he clearly cannot tell whether or not a person is disabled . I stood before this judge and told the truth about everything ,i took my 84 year old mother who testified under oath that i was disabled and i also took my wife who testified on my behalf yet judge jesse j. pease choose to use a fabricated report that was done by a social security medical examiner who never met me ,examined me ,spoke to me ,or had any real complete history on the genetic bone disease i have . the judge used his one fabricated report or what social security called a reasoned opinion to arrive at a disapproved decision to deny me the disability benefits i rightfully deserve. I paid into the system for 30 years and then when i really needed the help financially from the money i paid into the system i am denied.I have a genetic bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta and i have had 166 major bone fractures iam disabled and cannot work and i have been denied benefits from social security.I am about to lose my home to foreclosure because i have no income because i cannot work and the financial help that i was always told wuld be there for me when i needed it is being withheld because of a bad decision by an incompetent judge.all i can say is how disappointed in our system and that i hope someday that judge pease understands how i feel . i know one thing i kept my integrity and didnt resort to lying or finding some cheap cop out way of denying my claim for whatever reason. Its very sad and very embarrassing to see such an incompetent judge sitting in some makeshift court room pretending to be some one important .i have more respect for the guy who cuts my grass than i do for judge pease because at least i can trust my landscaper and most inmportantly he doesnt lie .your the one who has to go to sleep each night knowing you did the wrong thing to many people or maybe you have a hard time sleeping knowing how dishonest you really are.ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT ILL PRAY FOR YOU JUDGE PEASE THAT SOMEDAY MAYBE YOU WILL COMR CLEAN AND DO THE RIGHT THING

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