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  1. Laura says:

    Judge Ortiz did not read or fully assess the information provided for him with my case; including a daily journal of pain and affects caused by series of cranial head bleeding – chronic hemorage into brain and a few other daily life affecting medical issues, complemented with substantial medical evidence.

  2. James Gregory Stump says:

    My name is James Gregory Stump

    1206 Roxboro Rd.

    Rosedale Maryland 21237

    I saw Judge Jesus Ortiz on June 6th and never received a letter from him.

  3. Help says:

    I seen this judge about 3 weeks ago , have not received a decision yet but I can say he was very caring and listened to what was being said. I am really hoping he rules in my favor bc I don’t want to have to go thru this process again or take it to the next level, but what ever his decision maybe I truely believe he will make his decision based on medical records and not on his personal opinion. He was a pleasure to have working my case. I don’t recall much of what happen in there bc I am highly anxiety person and have memory problems but I do know I left feeling confident

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