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    I had my hearing yesterday and was awarded a favorable bench decision. I had sepsis in February of 2014 with multiple organ failure I stayed in a coma for two months. After I was released I had two strokes from blood clots. It left me with moderate brain damage. I can barely speak, I can’t feed myself cloth or bathe by myself I can still type albeit slow. I went from being an engineer to having hard time figuring out who i was and where I was.I was still turned down initially due to insufficient paperwork. All that being said it comes down to preparation of your case. An attorney in a box is not the best solution. You should find an attorney who knows the judges in the area and knows how they want a case presented. My attorney had all my medical documentation and took time to keep it current every doctor visit. It was all presented in a very professional synopsis in chronological order with supporting evidence. So when everyone bashes the judges maybe you should be bashing your attorney. Everyone on here has merits for their case but if they are presented poorly before the hearing with little documentation would you approve it. I was very surprised how well Judge Vincent knew my file front to back She understood my inability to speak well and took the time to let me answer even if it took several minutes. My attorney never had to speak the VE said I couldn’t do any work. I fully believe most judges have their mind somewhat made up before the hearing hence the importance of very good support documentation. The more questions ask of you at the hearing means they either were not answered in documentation or a weak case. Thats my two cents hope it helps.

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