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  1. Very Worried about the future says:

    How can she be able to continue to work for SSA? She shouldn’t be able to work as a judge. JUDGES are supposed to be impartial, fair, and want to get to the truth. Base the case on the Merritt of the case. Not what race, religion, gender, sexual preference, education, past errors… disability payments is for disability clients!! Based on your disability!!! Not what she decides to think about you and your personal life.

  2. Jesse says:

    Horrible judge, didn’t rely on the States own evidence. Lastly, she laughed at me..

  3. David Wengberg says:

    This Judge is very Abusive , perhaps Mentally Ill. If you are Black , Jewish, an immigrant of Asian she will treat you like a dog. No respect for anyone from her tiny chair of power. NEEDS TO BE REMOVED>

  4. HouseOfAviz says:

    Extremely biased libertine based on a simple google search showing she discriminates conservatives and is tied to various California Proposition 8 LGBTQ and non-traditional marriage legal issues. Groups she has supported financially and with pro bono work such as “Love Honor Cherish” describe themselves as “religionists being their enemy,” yet Judge Jo Hoeningger has a religious symbol on her facebook page and states that her social justice Endeavors and other public history on divisive issues in California does not affect her capacity as a judge. I was denied for ballistic head trauma that was apparently cured of TBI per Hoeningger by a bullet removal surgery I never had per records- only surface shrapnel. Lacks attention to detail and medical knowledge. Interview lasted two hours and she did badger my attorney who thankfully also has taken part in making sure she does not become chief examiner.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Are there any recent cases people could post their comments?

  6. JSP says:

    Judge Hoenninger was very professional and she knows the laws. She asked me all kinds of questions, and I never once felt as though she were imposing. She was kind and caring in her nature, but professional in her task. Our World needs more Judges who are willing to go the extra mile like Judge Hoenninger did for me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    On the contrary, ALJ Hoenninger is VERY fair. Check out her stats.

    She is clearly highly intelligent, she really listens, she puts relevant facts together, follows the law. She has no problem disagreeing with the findings of the SSA doctors – and they are the real SSA payrollee lapdogs. You can’t ask for more.

    If a claimant doesn’t have a provable case, what do they expect.

    If anyone has a hearing in front of ALJ Hoenninger, breathe easy. You’ll be treated fairly.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If your case lands in front of this ALJ you should just go ahead and plan your next step at the appeals council or start a new claim. Clearly the Wicked Witch of the Northwest.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Clearly an employee of the SSA, need I say more?

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