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  1. Brian Ramsey says:

    I had a hearing in Dec 2016 and now it’s June and still not heard any news. I’m about to be homeless and loose everything.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Honorable Judge Joan;

    I am a 59 year old Disable Veteran with severe neck and back issues; that affect my right arm and legs 24/7. These injures happened while I was serving my Country. The VA has rated me at 120% disable but only received 80% compensation. I have had to work hard all my life, since leaving the US Army in 1976. Now I am left no longer able to work a job due to my medical issues and age; no one will hire me, I have tried. I applied for my Social Security Disability and was denied by Judge Joan. Even though the Vocational Expert told her during my hearing; “that due to my medical condition there was no jobs for me.” Another American disabled Veteran forgotten by our system.

    Sincerely, and very disappointed.

  3. Nina Deam says:

    I saw her on August 4 2015. I was so nervous. I was told before I saw her that I was to keep it brief and to the point. I don’t understand when people go in front of a judge why they can’t tell us right then and there. I was told I have a strong case but I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for a decision. Judge Lawrence was very pleasant and seemed concerned. When I walked in she told me I could stand up if I needed to which I thought it was kind of her due to the pain I was in. I did once but again I was so nervous. When it was all over she told me she hoped that I got to feeling better. She seemed very thoughtful.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just had a hearing with Judge Lawrence on 11/18/14. My lawyer kept telling me that she was tough, and that she dosen’t approve many cases. Wtbs, my hearing with her was very brief, and to the point. At the end of my hearing she stated that even though i was young, she commends me on continuing to seek treatment and employment through vocational rehabilitation. I am prayerful that she makes a fair decision. My lawyer said we should know in 6-8weeks.

  5. Carl Wheeer says:

    After Vocational rehab stated i was not employable Joan denied benefits to protect prior judge discrimination. She is not fair and is completely discriminative to the citizens of america.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Lawrence listened and made a fair decision. She has a great demeanor and seems to really care for the folks that come in front of her.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This woman is 67 years old and needs to go home and spend more time with the grandkids. She is an idiot who barely made a living as a lawyer. She should retire now and live out a comfortable upper class retirement and look forward to a horrible eternity

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