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  1. Sophia says:

    When you don’t get to be a real judge, you become an ALJ. Congrats Joanna Papazekos, I’m sure denying disabled social security benefits to the disabled is the real you got a law degree.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awful, just awful. She cherry picked information from my very complicated medical file to support her unfavorable decision. She interpreted complex medical test results on her own rather than read the doctor’s interpretations. In several instances she completely misrepresented my testimony. She even acknowledged that my doctors said my conditions were debilitating then went on to say that she felt they were minor impairments. She quoted odd parts of my doctor’s notes that had nothing to do with my medical impairments e.g. “chest was clear, lungs were normal”. Um, ok, I’m not claiming any issues with my lungs?? She’s just awful. I’m so sorry if you end up with her as your ALJ. I’ve never been ripped apart like this. I am quite ill. I know that I cannot work. My medical records clearly indicate it. She chose to ignore everything in my record indicating it. It’s so very clear. Just an awful person. I honestly don’t know how she sleeps at night denying sick people financial aid.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am an Iraq combat veteran with a purple heart and a 100% disability rating from the VA for severe PTSD. I had several hearings before joanna papazekos and from the very first one, it was clear that she neither understood PTSD nor apparently believes it is a disability. When I returned from Iraq in 2006, I was diagnosed with severe PTSD by a private practice Psychiatrist in Pittsburgh and then began long-term treatment with a licensed Psychologist. When I had my first meeting with judge papazekos, I had been in continuous therapy for 11 years. At the hearing I presented written summaries from my original Psychiatrist, the Psychologist I saw for 11 years and a third Psychologist who I recently started seeing. In addition, I presented the Veterans Administration decision indicating I was 100% disabled from PTSD. I also presented evidence of being unable to work due to severe mood swings and evidence where I had tried to work part-time at a local Home Depot but had to quit due to triggered reactions I had at work. I had overwhelming evidence showing the severity of my disability problems, however, joanna papazekos did not take any of that evidence seriously. She denied my application for disability status. I can only conclude that she either 1. knows nothing about PTSD and its effects; or 2. harbors a resentment and/or feeling of discrimination against Veterans.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This judge was rude, and even insulting. dragged me through appeals for 5 years even after her first denial of me was remanded. Her vocational expert even told myattorney after a hearing that my case was in the bag, yet she still denied me. Gave no credibility to my dr’s, Psychiatrist, numerous meds i’m on, or ER visits. I had to refile because of her. If I would get her again, I don’t know what i’d do. This woman should be A prison guard, not someone supposed to judge fairly on poor health.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This judge cherry picked my disability case and I lost due to extremely unethical and irrelevant reasons. I am not only disappointed but disgusted.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Listens to evidence presented by the claimant knows not to be a judge like judge mills

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