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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have not received his decision yet on my case but I do believe it fair to review him prior to receiving his approval or denial. He didn’t seem arrogant or standoffish. He was funny at times and I didn’t feel uncomfortable in his presence. He does attempt to see if a position in the “work force” could satisfy my physical needs. I found that interesting as he also has a professional medical advisor who helps discuss these possibilities. My attorney was able to question her as well as to the requirements of a particular job and its duties and how they apply to me and my conditions. I did get bit emotional yet no one there made me feel out of place. I like our judicial system. Even though I still don’t know the outcome of my claim…I thought Judge Martinez made a good impression. He has the job of weeding out the public and that doesn’t seem to be the easiest of positions.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hearing held by video. Had an arrogant attitude and seemed very conservative. Has less than average approval rating. Formed opinions in his decision that totally ignored medical evidence. AC remanded for this reason.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He doesnt ask for a opening/closing. May discuss with you about what kind of claim (ssd or ssi). He sometimes is friendly and will joke around with the client but at time he can be a bit rude with questions. He always wants to know if he found the cliamant a job that would fit his restriction (like..stand or sit option) why they cant perform it so prepare your clients to answer these questions. He goes off CE RFC as an hypo. Also, make sure you have CE already in the file if not he will continue the hearing and wont take any testimony at all so for his sake and your client it might be best to request a CE so that your hearings arent continued.

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