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  1. Deanna farrar says:

    I saw this judge in 2010 or 2011, got all the weird looks, the condescending attitude and tone. He was a jerk. Twisted everything that I said around with no inclination as to what bipolar is ; sometimes manic, sometimes depressed, difficult to stay on task and remember certain things when manic. I also have ADD; he just chose to talk over me the entire time. My idiot lawyer said and did nothing. I now, in 2024, have his letter of denial and am currently waiting for the stenographer notes and or audio to compare them. I can’t wait to shove my approval ( when it comes) in his holier-than-thou face.

  2. Susan Cunningham says:

    I am trying to get in touch with Judge Gardiner. In 1996 he helped my husband Michael Cunningham from Lawrence MA get
    SSI. Now after all this time SS is saying that they overpaid Michael $200,000 and demanding that I repay them. Michael was also receiving workmens compensation from the post office he worked. He received these monies until December 2017 when he passed away. I need help, please help me I don’t have the money to repay them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went before this judge in summer of 2013, as I enter the courtroom I got a very weird look from this judge,when I stated my age 48 he became very negative.
    now I have had a few injuries including 2 disc herniations in my lower back 2 disks in my neck which now I have no feeling in my r foot along with sciatic nerve issues running from my back down to my leg into my foot.
    ive been to 3 doctors in the boston spine groupe. few years later I had a heart attak and a stent operation was done,, then I tore my rot cuff and no longer have strength in my right arm or hand. ive been to several doctors for these conditions and I am on medication.
    long story short this judge did not review all my doctors and the ones he did
    he twisted the stories around and .he said because of my age I am still able to work,one example of his explanation,, he is not to lift anything over 5 lbs push pull grasp and no working above shoulder height,, he has also spine impingement nerve damage etc etc.. then goes on to tell me im only in my 40s and to him I don’t look like im in any pain,, then has a vocational expert telling him I can go back to work doing automotive work,, and according to 2010 stats there are thousands of positions available,, ahh hello this is 2013 and I cannot bend stretch push pull or grasp,, to me this judge was full of personal attacks due my age,, very negative and very unfair,,
    when I got my unfavorable decision he had twisted the explanations around did not look at all my doctors records that say not able to work due to conditions.. imo this judge should be fired.
    I did not ask for these injuries this was the deck I was handed and now have to deal with them for the rest of my life,, thanks judge for being so negative and full of personal attacks because of my age..so now I am no longer insured and cannot collect the money I had paid in to ss.
    so what do they do with all the money people pay in and cannot collect???
    I honestly don’t know how this narrow minded judge can sleep at night.
    and yes this is called freedom of speech,, or did they take my rights away too..

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