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  1. Anonymous says:

    He “throws the baby out with the bathwater.” If anything you say doesn’t match up, no matter how miniscule, he seizes on it and calls you a liar in fancy legalese. And apparently people seeking disability are not disabled and can work an 8 hour day, 40 hour week (as defined by SS law) if they use a smartphone―according to his accusatory comments. Never mind apps for the disabled; large keyboards, speech to text, just having a smartphone is a no no as well as a PC. I’m still wondering why an Illinois Republican SS judge is hearing State cases in Indiana and from a video feed in Illinois?

    His high approval rate is smoke and mirrors, a lot of his cases don’t even show up and those are not factored in. The stats also only reflect his cases in Illinois, not other States like Indiana that he rents himself out to. He also discredits State agencies which is disturbing considering he is not even an Indiana judge and really has no idea how it differs from Illinois except maybe on paper. He also discredits Primary Care doctors the same way as a claimant, by nickle and diming their statements and making partial claims of claimant statements without expanding on what the claimant said afterwards. For example, if someone says that they use a smartphone but use apps to help the disabled, he leaves out that you use apps for the disabled and says you use a smartphone as if that in and of itself is a disqualifier. Or if your doctor says you are disabled, he will find in your record the one time you said you were feeling a bit better and latch onto that as meaning that it’s permanent and that you can work 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week and that your doctor is unreliable.

    Oh and this post was created by speech to text, God forbid he thinks someone can type for 10 minutes, then they must be able to work! Truth be told it seems these SS Judges are the prime beneficiaries of SS funds through their exorbitant salaries, and not the people who it’s actually there for. *Fina’s public sector salary info is out there and it’s an insult to taxpayers and he is but one judge.

    *In 2016, Joel G. Fina was an Administrative Law Judge at the Social Security Administration in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. began working at the Social Security Administration in 2006 with a starting salary of $115,555. Since then, Fina’s salary has increased to $170,400 in 2016

  2. Anonymous says:

    It my belief he pays more attention to social security doctors then claiments personal doctors who know claiments cases , its my hope he would realize people need to be given fair unbias decisions to his cases.

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