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  1. L says:

    The judge appeared to have attentiveness and understanding, however he wasn’t towards my case. He’s not flawless, or fair IMO. He’s just a Judge following the law through his interpretation. After his first bogus decision of my case. The AC remanded back to him, so he could give the same exact judgemental outcome. With medical documentation and a prescription walker the judge said I could work as a picker or warehouse laborer because they don’t require much. Yeah, okay 👍 👌…I’d like to see the working as a picker using a walker.

  2. Judge Joel Tracy seems to be fair. My mom just had her hearing so we are still waiting for the judge’s decision. According to my mom’s attorney, Judge Joel Tracy was very kind to my mom. From what my poor mom could remember she said he was so nice and she wasn’t as nervous as she thought she would have been. She said he had a kind voice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Joel Tracey is a fair judge and go over all the information and ask good questions

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