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  1. Unkown says:

    She is a very kind & proficient Judge. The previous judge I dealt with would interrogate me and scrutinize things that had no merit in my case. But Judge O’Leary was a great communicator and awesome listener.

  2. Mark D Isidore says:

    Judge O’Leary gave me a chance to talk without interrupting. She seems really fair. I have no idea what to expect, there was no indication. I feel confident she will evaluate all of the evidence before she makes her decision. It’s a very nerve wracking experience because of my anxiety. I’m glad it’s over, I was panicked for the weeks before the hearing but that could have been avoided because it’s not an attack it’s just simple questions. I place it in Gods hands so the outcome is up to Him. I will accept it, and proceed accordingly. Tell the truth and try not to worry the days before, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, the people are nice or at least the ones that I got. I sensed they want what’s best for me. Good luck.

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