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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish I would have known about this site before rescheduling my client-employer’s hearing date due to a lack of legal representation. He now has been rescheduled with a different judge, which based on these ratings is bad news. All I can do is pray to God and reach out to family and friends support and additional advocacy. After being forced to abandon my previous life and career in exchange for a less important job at half the wage I am worth, and after years of persevering and advocating with all my heart for my client-employer’s basic rights to dignity and independence, after all we have been through, I can only pray that whichever judge is assigned will be a judge of honor who is able to really take the time to hear our story and give us the chance to explain 6 years worth of evidence. I also pray that I am able to locate and retain and affordable attorney who is passionate enough about the ins and outs of my clients needs and the enormous challenges that have been wrongly inflicted on my client, my client’s advocates and my client’s family members. I pray the judge will be able to understand and sympathize with all the barriers to services that have been built by employees who don’t even bother to read or understand the very rules that their entire careers are based on.

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