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  1. Danna Stallings says:

    Diligent. Clear. Concise. Honest. Unbiased. Reasonable. Not wreckless with federal funding. What more can you ask of a judge whose supposed to look out for our bottom line? Except for a whole lot more of it. The entire system is dangerously vulnerable, and highly unsecure right now. We need people like him weeding these things out. It’s not a free for all. It’s people having that standard and integrity who should be doing this kind of oversight. Far too many people just take advantage of the system and the people in it. All of it is gross.

    He is very clear, thorough, and concise. He does his homework before the proceedings. He doesn’t jump to conclusions inexplicably. If anything needs an explanation, he inquires about it. He’s highly informed. He listens.

  2. Charamane D says:

    Can you go before the same judge more than once, this judge denied me

  3. Sharom hicks says:

    I went before him.in.2014…he only talked about my dui
    Got a.copy of my police report..mind you im.there for.hearing on disability.. he out right lied in hearing stated i.drove with a beer in lap.
    All.lies.. !! Plus denied me for.my disability
    Only to discuss my dui…unlreal

  4. Mark says:

    He’s a typical corrupt judge that will find any excuse to deny you what YOU have worked for. God will be the final judge.

  5. Max says:

    He did not review the updated records. He is a complete idiot and will lie straight to your face. I’m definitely filing a complaint against him.

  6. John Doe says:

    He was professional and it seemed like he actually reviewed records prior to the hearing. He is to the point and he seems like he’s fair.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was a respected professional in society. I paid for my “insurance policy” working hard for years. I had never asked anyone for anything. Mental Illness hit me hard, swift, and unexpected. My credibility untarnished. My integrity in order. The judge operates Deceitfully. I was victimized by his inability to utilize common sense, no decernment was at play. It’s been over 3 years. Others before me committed suicide while he prolonged their case. He decides on who lives and who dies solely at his discretion. Evidence means nothing when he is partial to who he self appoints as valid testimonies. Betrayed by every means. Righteousness repaid with Wickedness. Lord I forgive this man. Lord help me forgive. I trust in you alone I look to you for my security.

  8. Tim says:

    I have now appeared before Judge Peebles three times. Out of the 70 or so ALJs I’ve been before, he is one of the best. Conducts his hearings logically and calmly, is polite to the claimant and ensures she understands what is going on, is fully aware of what’s in the record. He may come to a different conclusion than what the claimant/representative would like, but he will do it fairly and conscientiously. Know your case, prepare your client, and expect to be treated in a dignified, congenial manner.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i can relate because i went before him as well and i have copd, a real bad back i have to have help going areas in my apartment, i have diabetis and diabetis nerve pain in my feet. and he denied me and i cannot even stand or sit for no more than a few minutes before i have lay down. the medications i am on make me dizzy and sleepy. no one is going to hiring me if i cannot keep my eyes open and i have to lay down every few minutes.

  10. Sharon Wright says:

    This judge lies. He lied about what medical records he had in his possession. The medical records that he said he didn’t have are clearly listed in the “Medical Records” section at the end of his decision. He believed nothing that I said and nothing that any of the doctors said. Two of those doctors were hired by the Social Security Administration. In his decision, Judge Peebles seemed to be arguing with the doctors. I was diagnosed with several illnesses which the doctors documented in the records and still Judge Peebles said in his decision that I don’t have any of these illnesses. He said that the doctor’s opinion was inconsistent with the overall records. He threw out other diagnoses because he said my answers were inconsistent with those illnesses. He misspelled many of the words in his decision and some of those that were spelled correctly were misused, i.e. dysphonic (problems with the voice) vs. dysphoric (unhappy).

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