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  1. EW says:

    Spoke with case worker and states that TN is not responsive to the disabled. Difficult to gain any type of assistance.

  2. E W says:

    It is a sad day in America when one has a.history of mental illness and needs help to get straight again.. I assume the government needs the money for the southern invasion of our country. A shame when a United States citizen can not receive assistance even if temporary.

  3. E W says:

    The job of an administrative law judge who “WORKS” for Social Security is to review your claim for disability benefits, conduct a hearing, and make a determination about whether you’re disabled according to Social Security rules and regulations.

  4. E W says:

    As.recollection occurs need to post further mentions. Applying for mental disability and based conditions the Job Expert who was on the line with Judge Pottinger stated that some of the jobs that were available were 6000 in the entire US. ???? All sorts of gov job codes babbled.out…..

  5. E W says:

    How convenient that the approval rating is hidden till I seen the post. Abdominal judgement. Pottinger had more that three years of.documentation. have acquired all sorts of ticks and shakes from mental mess. Three different diagnosis and still nothing? Attorney was positive based on my case. Again I will reiterate. Wrong last name.

  6. E W says:

    Mental health support in TN is impossible to obtain. Ssi benefits not available. All documentation provided. Attorney was positive. Waiting for three years. All sorts if medication and ticks now from meds. I guess I have the wrong last name.

  7. Mandy says:

    My hearing was today with Judge Pottinger. I admit I was a nervous wreck and having a bad day as far as my symptoms and illness go. He was very pleasant and kind and explained everything. I feel he took into consideration my health, records, answers, and so on. I won’t have an answer for some time but in my personal experience he seems fair and genuine.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The system is so screwed up. If you have worked all your life and payed in, you won’t get it. I think they pocket cash when they deny. He’s not a fair judge.

  9. Danny Morrill says:

    Seemed like a good caring man that was concerned about my issues. Had my hearing on 9.25.18…ill update when recieve decision..

  10. Daniel morrill says:

    Had my hearing with judge pottinger on 9/25/18.. .i have anxiety and several health issues .Been waiting 3 years and was terrified. He made it a comfortable experience. Just be honest and he seems like a fair judge who wants to listen to your problems..thank you your honor for listening..

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