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  1. Mandy says:

    My hearing was today with Judge Pottinger. I admit I was a nervous wreck and having a bad day as far as my symptoms and illness go. He was very pleasant and kind and explained everything. I feel he took into consideration my health, records, answers, and so on. I won’t have an answer for some time but in my personal experience he seems fair and genuine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The system is so screwed up. If you have worked all your life and payed in, you won’t get it. I think they pocket cash when they deny. He’s not a fair judge.

  3. Danny Morrill says:

    Seemed like a good caring man that was concerned about my issues. Had my hearing on 9.25.18…ill update when recieve decision..

  4. Daniel morrill says:

    Had my hearing with judge pottinger on 9/25/18.. .i have anxiety and several health issues .Been waiting 3 years and was terrified. He made it a comfortable experience. Just be honest and he seems like a fair judge who wants to listen to your problems..thank you your honor for listening..

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