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  1. Judy Carlin says:

    A judge typical by American standards, i.e. does not reason at all except on the side of government, is against the common man, relegates every single word into a corner for the other side – yes you guessed it – for the government, and is oblivious to rational argument, actual documents & medical diagnoses except by the most incapable, incongruent, predisposed moronic medical spoiled child with a diploma out there.
    A very bad, bad, bad, evil judge grabbing up those federal dollars in his despot position of ‘king’ paid for by taxpayers and again, not on the side of any civil, good person. A federal judge paid for with federal dollars on the side of the federal government. No surprise here, what I expected. Probably eats SS money for his lunches instead of giving back to the person who worked for it. Just evil.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge John Aletta is an AWESOME judge. He heard my case, took in all the facts and made a decision. I was very impressed by the questions he asked and I was truthful throughout the entire hearing. I believe along with the documented medical evidence and the truth, your case will go in your favor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge aletta is a ***** ***********. He called my niece a ****** when he saw her in Portland ct.

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