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  1. Spirit says:

    John B Langland was a good judge to me. He was very nice and he understood my situation. I was scared when I first read these reviews but after talking to my attorney she explained to me he wasn’t a bad judge he just go by medical records. And that what he did
    After almost 3 years of fighting for my disability he found me fully favorable. So thank you so much Judge John B Langland and May God continue to bless you. He was very nice to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Langland don’t care about a sick person he don’t even look at all your medical records and he’s looking at I’m a young person but that has nothing to do with it when you are disabled I didn’t ask for this now I list my disability and now I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to get my Insulin and meds because I have 2 Insulins that I have to give myself then along with that I’m about to be homeless he just doesn’t care about no one elese wellbeing and they health conditions

  3. Anonymous says:

    This judge was very fair and I thank you

  4. James Callahan says:

    God forbid you get this judge. Completely out of touch with reality. Keeping those quotas in mind. One can’t have their percentages shift too much…..

  5. Anonymous says:

    I cant believe this judge is actually a disability judge! He hasnt a clue about the not so common chronic illness and how it makes that person feel! There are a few not so common chronic illness that turns a persons life upside down in matters of minutes they hole life change. What ones was a active, working, outgoing person turned into a not active person, cant work person, not outgoing person because of all the limitations and bizzare symptoms this chronic illness has. Seems like this judge does not want to hear what the person with the not so common chronic illness has to go through each and every day the struggle, the fight, depression and the emotions and not to give up on life!! It is not just black and white with a not so common chronic illness at least what this judge could do try to do some research on not so common chronic illnesses so he might be able to have a better understanding of what people go through!!! Of course this judge dont walk in that persons shoes so he really doesnt know how their feel in the inside!! It is sad that a persons lifely hood lays in the hand of a judge that has no heart! He surley should not be a disability judge!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    My hearing appointment took about 9 months. Judge Langland understood my situation and acknowledged that I had tried to resolve the overpayment thru the Wichita office and I then had to move on to see him to resolve the problem. I had tried and tried to resolve the issue thru the Wichita office but no one listened. The Judge recalculated my account and I had a partial favorable decision. Sadly, the powers now are not complying to his order or decision, and the Missouri office has written me 3 times in a month. Each letter indicates there is more than one person on my case, and so far out of the loop. But, no one signs the letters, so I do not have a name to complain. One letter states my W.C. does not affect my S.S. I have not been on W.C. since 2007. Judge Langland seemed fair in my case, the bad part is someone is not following or enforcing his decision. I do not know what to do now, trying to go back to see the judge. It is bad when the Judge makes a decision, and then the decision is not honored by the SSA staff in the Missouri office. I feel totally harassed by the staff in the office.

  7. Tommy S. Carpenter says:

    Judge Langland looked at what he wanted to see not at the evidence as a whole. Sure I made statements from time to time that I was doing ok. But those times are short lived. He gave more weight to a Psychologist who Ive never met than Dr.s who have treated me for 10+ years. He held it against me that I took my last dime to try and open and run a shop but failed to realize I left the shop because I couldn’t handle the stress and **** near had a nervous breakdown over it. He commented that I had no periods of de-compensation which is a blatant falsehood. Anyone who knows me can tell you Ive been unemployed a lot more than employed. I have service related PTSD and Major reoccurring bouts of depression. My whole life is a total wreck. I want nothing more than to work and be normal but I fail at every attempt. I just want to run and hide away in dark places alone. I have stress disorder which makes my brain trigger fight or flight responses. I beg to be normal but Im not and ive faced that reality. Yes people do make positive statements to their Psychiatrists not because we are magically healed but because we have good days and bad. I try and try and want people to see me as ok but in the end Im not ok. My life has been one disaster after another. I hope he can sleep at night knowing he didn’t even listen to his own vocational expert. Thanks Mr. Langland for seeing what you wanted to see not the whole story. Ill be filing an appeal immediately.

  8. TLH says:

    Just the type judge we need. Doing his part not to bankrupt the country. Im sure every case thinks they are justified. That not true!!!! Make an appeal if you dont like the outcome!!!! Thank God he is not just a rubber stamp. We need someone with backbone to say No!!!Keep up the good work!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    This judge is so unfair and is denying disability to people that cannot posibly work. It is shocking, that this can happen in America. If their is any way to stop him, please do. He is a criminal judge, and should be in prison. He is creating _ injury to welfare system in kansas. Many are suffering, please help !

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