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  1. Farrokh Nikmaram says:

    I thought it was a show! He IS a racist! I don’t say it lightly.
    Not a bad judge. a bad man!

  2. John Gravina says:

    Very unhappy w/ a recent decision. It was telephonic so the ALJ couldn’t see for himself the claimants necessity of a walker. He ignored favorable evidence and choose his own. A lot of these decisions are coming out this way these days. It used to be go down and tell your story. You could win if the medical records supported you. Now the medical records need to have objective findings (e.g. severe MRI) or your lying. It makes the ALJ decide on records, but there not doctors. Doctors should say whether the symptoms are reasonably related to the findings. The doctors certainly could care less what the ALJ thinks. If a doctor reasonably relied on a judges interpretation it would be indefensible. Doctor’s don’t care what non-medical people have to say. It’s their license on the line.
    Judges should go back and administer justice – not find some reason to uphold earlier SSA denials. Otherwise, we could replace all of them w/ a rubber stamp -DENIED.

  3. Anonymous says:


    If they testified on your behalf, then yes it’s usually good.. You may get a favorable outcome. Unlike my judge, judge Ryan Johannes. Judge Johannes had his friend testify against me, didn’t let me testify on my behalf, only allowed yes or no answers from me and ignored the facts from the state doctors. My judge made his decision out of spite and my political affiliation. I wish you luck and hope your judge sides with facts and doesn’t pull what my dishonorable judge pulled.

    The Victim Of dishonorable Johannes

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