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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am guessing that ss system uses him as a pawn to decline people. I have heard from a few lawyers that he brags about declining folks. No matter there condition. I totally feel sorry for such a man to pass over working class people to get his numbers as low as possible. I would love to see someone sue his rear end. He held me in the court room for almost two hours. And then he used this fake *** medical expert that has zero knowledge about neurological issues as a wittness. I and my attorney about fell out of our chairs with the disrespect this judge has proven and his so called medical experts. I look forward to my appeal. I would love to find a way to go after this judge directly in a civil lawsuit. Anyone with any ideas about how to name him in a case do let me know. I would do it in a heart beat. I am 56 years old with brain cancer and got denied.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I went in front of this judge for my minor child back in November of this year.I have not received a decision yet but another hearing scheduled with him…I can’t get anyone to answer my qyestions or messages I leave no return call.I will say he was very unpleasant to be around as he belittled me and I don’t want to have to do this all over again

  3. Anonymous says:

    This Judge totally over steps his boundries as an ALJ I 100% respect the position but this judge tries to play doctor as well. I suggest anyone who was denied by this judge to take it to the appeals. Thats how I won cause they found many things he done and said during my hearing that is totally not legit. He had records in front of him and declined to acknoledge them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow is about all I can say here. Went before this judge and he brought in some medical expert that had no clue about my health. It’s like the medical expert is working for the judge. The judge was reading my medical reports and it was like he was reading someone other then mine. He was trying to say I didn’t have things that clearly was right in front of him. He also tried to say that I did not follow dr’s orders to loose weight to control my medical issue. I am 5’10 170 lbs This judge looks to be shorter then I am and around the 270 lbs mark. I read another post that said he can’t read I have too agree with that comment. Cause he was holding the paper work right up to his face trying to read it. I think this judge needs to spend some time going before a court himself being sued for making medical claimes that he surely not qualified to do.

    I recorded my own hearing cause it will be needed in the future. I don’t think this judge understands that most of us would rather be working then fighting his broken system for chump change to survive on. Also I do understand that not everyone is legit either but this mans record of denying so many people is more then the worst judge in the entire system.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I share in the thoughts that this ALJ is biased or simply negligent. He is basically blind and seems to feel that anyone can work. His expert testified that I qualified if there was one report in the file, which was erroneously omitted (because we did not feel it was relevant and was not a medical report). We supplied the report immediately and well within the time allotted by him. In his denial he clearly stated that the report is not in the file, which it is. Now I have to appeal to the appeals council in Virgina and wait that much longer for them to correct his error. There has to be a reason why his approval rating is so much lower that the other ALJ’s. Who is wrong all of them or him? I doubt that it is all of the other ALJ in Florida or even the nation. He needs to be removed from his position and retire or something.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The ALJ is Biased.

    It is unfortunate to say so, but Judge Thompson is biased against the claimant, any claimant. Nationwide, 46% of claims are approved at the ALJ level. In Jacksonville, the rate is 38%. For Judge Thompson, it is 14%. He also has an unusually high rate of dismissed cases at 29%. It is widely known around the Jacksonville ODAR, that he brags about being not only a tough judge but being one of the toughest judges in the country. I have been told this by two retired judges.

    While there may be some variations between judges in the rates of approval, I find myself telling my clients that they will probably not be approved just because the judge is Judge Thompson. Even though the approval rate in the state of Florida averages just below 50%, their chance of approval is only 14% just because they were unlucky enough to get Judge Thompson. This is not equal justice.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You were obviously fortunate. The ALJ pays 11 percent of his claims which screams either not correctly applying the law or bias. Get a clue.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Obvisiously the comments posted above are from people who received unfavorable decisions. I do not have the same opinion as those folks above. After the hearing I had a new prospective and understand more about the process. Shame on you guys for posting such negative things about this very knowledgable Judge-he’s the only person who took the time to thoroughly explain things to me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    WoW, the last comment is spot on but he is worse than that. If he cannot be a better judge, he should quit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised no one has railed against how evil this man is. Two medical experts for every claim. Will make favorable experts turn their opinions. Will make claimant’s cry- on purpose. Evil. Worst judge in the state of Florida.

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